10 benefit providers are offering support post-Roe v. Wade

Nadat Roe v. Wade was overturned by the Supreme Court Last month, employers and benefit providers were quick to respond in support of the health of their workforce, and with a game plan to help individuals seek the care they need.

Employee Benefit News reaches 10 companies that supply needed health care for women and families to discuss the steps they are taking to ensure access not only for abortion services, but for the full spectrum of health and family needs.

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“Every person should be free to choose if and when they become a parent and every person should have the agency and the ability to access fertility care and advanced reproductive technologies if they want to or need it,” says Dr. Angeline Beltsos, CEO of Clinical at Kindbody, a provider of fertility benefits. “We have never been more passionate about and committed to making fertility and family-building care accessible to all.”

Dr. Beltsos and other leaders from Ovia Health, Maven, Pumpspotting and more shared how the news affected their teams, and the new benefits they plan to offer their own employees, as well as their employer clients.

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