12 of the Worst Parenting Trends of the Last Century

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The prevailing societal trend in parenting in the 1960s was based on the open, understandable style of baby guru Dr. Benjamin Spock, but there was also a popular countercurrent, as illustrated in the authoritarian parenting suggested by pediatrician Walter W. Sackett, jr. .

In his book of 1962 Raising a baby, Sackett advises parents not to feed hungry, crying babies, and not to allow babies to believe they are entitled to all the love at the expense of the deeper love that existed between his parents before he was born.

There is also this sentence that I like:

If we teach our descendants to expect everything to be provided on demand, we must recognize the possibility that we are sowing the seeds of socialism.

But the strangest thing is the food. Sackett encourages parents to get their babies off breast milk quickly by feeding them cereal two days after birth and then moving on to bacon and eggs by three months of age. By the time your child is six months old, he advised, they should drink coffee every morning. (I did not make it up.) But feeding a baby fast food too quickly can be very bad for them.

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