15 mums share their funniest parenting moments .

“Bath time went horribly wrong.”

While my 11-year-old daughter was in the bath, she decided she should simmer, but more came out than she had previously expected. She called our help, and we had to help her clean it. At least we can laugh about it now!

“He decided to paint a mural on our living room.”

My son is always the creative. When he was younger, he loved painting and drawing – which my then-husband and I were quite good at. What we were not good at was when he used our playroom lounge as a cloth! Thank God it was a second hand one that was not in the main lounge area, yet we were not impressed.

When I confronted him and asked why the hell you drew on the couch, he looked at me so innocently and said, ‘I thought you would like my drawing’.

“She accidentally brought a pizza to our house.”

My one-year-old is clearly talented with food delivery and ordering, because one morning while we were watching a cartoon, she was playing with my phone. I first discovered that she had accidentally ordered a pizza delivery via Uber Eats when the person showed up at our front door at 9 p.m.

“My toddler thought the handbag was a potty.”

My toddler thought a handbag sitting on the ground at a party looked like a potty. I was feeding his younger sister and before I could stop him; he had weeds in the bag. Like in … someone else’s pocket. I gave the lady all the cash in my wallet to replace it, apologized profusely and left!

“My son fell off the table and knocked out his teeth.”

At the time it was definitely not funny, but now we look back and just shake our heads. My husband looked after the children – all four of them. He was feeding one of the younger ones when our son Toby decided it would be a good idea to try to make a comeback from our dining room table. It failed miserably.

He knocked out his baby teeth and had to undergo surgery. Luckily he was okay other than that, but now he has lovely teeth – we still tell him every time he goes out with his friends at night to never climb on any tables.

“I sent my kids to school in pajamas … on the wrong day.”

The elementary school my two kids attend has a mufti pajama wear day once a quarter. So on a Wednesday I took them to school, and they wore their best flennie pajama sets.

I got a call 10 minutes later from both of them crying and saying it was the wrong day. The pajama wear day was Thursday. Oops.

“They drew lipstick over themselves.”

I came home from a hard day’s work, only to find my kids running around the house, high on copious amounts of red fur, all covered with my red lipstick – which they clearly took out of my makeup bag. I then found our babysitter on her phone in the living room, unaware of everything my kids had gotten up with that afternoon.

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