18 Workout Routines Celebrities Use to Stay in Shape

It’s hard to get in shape. Why? Attempt. So much effort is needed to be the ideal form that many of us are trapped to strive to be. Much of it has to do with modern lifestyles that make it less necessary for us to get up and move, along with changing the fit of our pants. Think about the number of times you do not walk to get the remote.

But what if you had some inspiration? A pal who says, “Hey, I’m doing this, you can too (maybe).” A famous person!

Many celebrities come in their celebrity form and stay healthy by doing things you can do at home or the gym. Then there are celebrities again who have the time and money to get to the extreme. I mean, there’s a reason why people call Dwayne Johnson “The Rock” even though he’s 50 years old.

Here are some celebrities and how they like to get in shape, stay in shape or become another form.

Jason Momoa

Famous workouts JASON MOMOA loves early morning, rock climbing, sports life.  Momoa likes to get up early in the morning to run hills, play sports, rock climb, or surf rather than do laps or do repetitive gym exercises.  (This does include weight training for roles that require him to take off his shirt.) CRACKED.COM

Source: Muscle and fitness

Margot Robbie

Famous workouts Daddy's Lil Monsie MARGOT ROBBIE loves Reformer pilates.  Robbie likes to build strength and stay in shape with Reformer pilates, which is done on a Reformer bed made up with various cables and springs on a moving CRACKED.COM

Source: Women’s health

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