3 Nutritionist-Approved Food Pairings That Can Do Wonders For Weight Loss

When working out to lose healthy weight, it is important to make sure you are getting enough vitamins and nutrients to help your changing body. We have contacted registered nutritionists, dietitians and other health experts to learn more about 3 tasty and beneficial food savings that can give you more energy and promote healthy weight loss. Read on for tips and suggestions from George Yang, RDN, registered dietitian, nutritionist and founder and chief designer of Yanre Fitness and Trista Best, MPH, RD, LD, registered dietitian at Balance One Supplements.

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1. Bone & Rice

Fiber is crucial for healthy weight loss, and Best notes that combining beans with rice can provide a high-fiber meal at any time. The fiber content of beans will “keep you full and satisfied long after a meal and is beneficial for nourishing the gut’s good bacteria,” she says, binding and flushing out toxins and wastes from your body. In addition, beans and rice even help “reduce cholesterol and body weight.”

Along with fiber, beans are rich in protein, a “macronutrient that can often be found in the diets of those who want to save money at the grocery store,” she says. Beans are “known for their protein content, but eating them with rice is the best way to get all 9 essential amino acids in.” There are 20 amino acids, Best continues, and 9 of which are essential, “meaning they must be obtained through diet.” Animal protein sources naturally contain all 20 amino acids and are therefore naturally complete proteins, Best emphasized, but many plant-based proteins are not. “Intake of all essential amino acids is necessary for a healthy life and the combination of rice and beans provides the right combination of amino acids to achieve it.”

Canned vegetables and legumes are beneficial to a healthy diet for two reasons — the best additions — nutrition and cost. They are cheaper than fresh and will not decay as quickly. “They are also often just as nutrient-dense as fresh because they are harvested and processed at their peak (frozen or canned),” she explains. “Beans of each variety pack a ton of nutrients and calories into any meal, which is helpful when working out to reduce your grocery budget.”


2. Cottage Cheese & Berries

Eating enough protein is essential for “exercising to strengthen and strengthen your body,” says Yang, and choosing foods that are “rich in protein” can help you lose weight by keeping you satiated and satiated. until your next meal. Yang’s delicacy of choice is cottage cheese with berries and almonds.

“Cottage cheese is one of the best sources of protein and keeps the bones and muscles strong,” he explains, “it is also a slow digestive protein that keeps you satiated for a long time.” Adding berries to cottage cheese is also beneficial for weight loss as these fruits are “loaded with antioxidants to help reduce weight.” Cottage cheese, berries and almonds eaten as a “combination in the morning” work best to fight “obesity and other diseases”, he says.


3. Eggs, Spinach & Avocado Oil

Whether you use these ingredients to whip up an omelette for breakfast or add it to a salad, the possibilities are endless and very beneficial for weight loss, Yang says. “Thanks to the protein content in eggs, it is the most satisfying choice for breakfast,” he adds. “Pour them with a hefty amount of spinach in avocado oil and you are good to go for the day,” he suggests.

“Eggs are also rich in selenium, vitamin D, B6, B12 and minerals such as zinc, iron and copper that help fight the fat that accumulates in the body.” In addition, Yang notes that “spinach provides the necessary minerals to benefit the eyes and overall health of the body.” Sounds like a win-win!

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