5 celebrities who totally won’t be at Lea Michele’s ‘Funny Girl’ premiere / Queerty

In the theater news of the week, Lea Michele has been announced to take over the role of Fanny Brice Funny girl on Broadway this September. Lord, help that cast and team.

Of Glee on Spring Awakening on The mayor on Scream queensthe actress has apparently made enemies in almost every production of which she has ever been a part.

We all remember when she Glee co-star Samantha Ware broadcast the star’s horrific behavior to the world in 2020 – including her threatening to “stick in” [Samantha’s] wig ”- and how name after name came out to share their own horror stories with Michele.

Apparently the cast has left Funny girl not so well remembered.

As Michele’s curtain approaches open, here are five celebs who will definitely not see her Funny girl debut:

Samantha Ware

Ware shared the story that eventually broke the dam over the public secret of her co-star’s Diva-dom. She quoted a simple “#BlackLivesMatter” tweet from Michele and said, “Lmao, do you remember when you made my first television appearance a living hell?!?!” as well as telling of “other traumatic microaggressions that made [her] question a career in Hollywood. ”

Various Glee stars including Alex Newell, Amber Riley, Heather Morris and Kevin McHale tweeted, shared and / or liked in support of Ware’s allegations. Michele apologized, but the cat was far out of pocket.


Willem appears on Glee in season four with co Rupaul’s Drag Race alum Shangela as part of a Thanksgiving mash-up performance of “Let’s Have A Kiki” and “Turkey Lurkey Time”. As if that wasn’t bad enough, she was apparently treated “inhuman” by the show’s lead role. When Queen Michele approached in the introduction, the star apparently just caught her breath, rolled her eyes and returned to her phone without so much as an acknowledgment.

Sarah Paulson

On a spot See what happens! Live in 2020, Paulson was directly questioned about her thoughts on the Michele exclamation scandal (see that both actresses are Ryan Murphy standards). The American horror story pasted on a thoughtful smile before making jokes “I have a strange connection, I can not really hear you,” by crystal clear sound.

Her fellow guest introduced and said, “I think it’s called ‘the fifth plea’ on this program?” It turns out Paulson was raised under the old saying of what to do when you have nothing nice to say.

Keith Powell

It is unclear what association Michele and the 30 Rock star even had, but whatever it was, apparently left a bad taste in Powell’s mouth. During the aforementioned showdown, Powell took to Twitter to write, “I sign this together. Lea Michele is a horrible person and has said horrible things to many different kinds of people, including racist micro-aggressions against / about black people.”

Abigail Breslin

The Scream queens The cast mostly kept quiet during the entire 2020 outcry, with stage partners like Keke Palmer and Emma Roberts holding mom. However, Breslin liked a lot of a few tweets in support of Michele’s drag, including one that read: “Not everyone agrees that something was felt about Lea Michele … where have you been? I’m been saying this for YEARS ?? “I thought I was alone.”

As quiet as the rest of the cast remained about their co-star, they certainly said nothing in support of her.

There are countless more, from the learner Gerard Canonico who calls her a “nightmare” Spring Awakening to Jeante Godlock who claims she called regularly Glee extras “cockroaches” until her childhood Ragtime understudy claims that she had already threatened to fire crew members at the age of 12.

Will Michele unfortunately waited Funny girl debut seats fill? Undoubtedly. Will she do well? Probably! Should she receive leading roles after decades of allegations of harassment, bullying and subtle racism? Well, good luck to everyone involved.

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