90 Day Fiancé Weight Loss Icons Fans Think Will Gain Back The Pounds

Some 90-day engaged stars naturally lose weight, and others opt for surgery. However, fans think some stars will put the pound back on.

Various 90 days engaged castings have been on successful fitness journeys, but viewers believe some of them will regain their weight. Over the last few years, many cast have shown laudable full-body transformations on social media. One such star is Tiffany Franco, who appeared in the program with Ronald Smith. After undergoing a successful stomach sleeve operation, the former reality celeb completely changed her appearance. She has lost more than 80 pounds and aims to lose another 20 pounds to reach her desired goal.

Jorge Nava is another 90 days engaged star who showed impressive fitness transformation. He debuted on season 4 in 2016 with his now ex-wife Anfisa Arkhipchenko. On the program, Jorge looked like a passive person who did not want to work on putting in the gym. However, after being arrested and jailed for a few years, he began to gain a newfound respect for hard work.


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Since then, Jorge has lost nearly 128 pounds and remains healthy with his new girlfriend and two babies. There are many other stars with respectful transformations in the last few years. But 90 days engaged fans think three of them will not be able to maintain their weight loss as successfully as others.

Angela Deem

Angela Deem Weight Loss For After In 90 Days Engaged Now

Georgia-based meemaw Angela Deem has completely changed her personality since she lost body weight. She opted for several surgeries to achieve a weight loss of 100 pounds. However, fans think she will regain the weight, as bariatric surgery is not always a permanent solution. In addition, people are aware of Angela’s behavioral changes and current lifestyle. As the 56-year-old reality star has been partying like a teenager lately, fans think it won’t be long before she loses sight of her ongoing fitness journey. Some viewers also feel that Angela has lost weight through surgery, but she has not really done important things like quitting smoking and pursuing a healthier lifestyle.

Big Ed Brown

Big Ed Before After Weight Loss Instagram Rose Liz In 90 Day Fiance

The popular cast of Big Ed has been on a fitness journey for a while now and has shown remarkable results. However, he usually shares controversial weight loss advice on the internet, which leaves fans wondering if he will be able to continue to make progress. In July 2021, Ed shared that he lost 25 pounds by drinking energy drinks before workouts. This advice was extremely controversial, as such sugary drinks are bad for anyone who is losing weight. Health and fitness enthusiasts quickly called out to Ed for spreading the wrong information. Ed also claimed that wearing a neoprene wrap slimming belt helped him lose weight, but most fans disagree with that statement.

Darcy Silva

Darcey Stacey weight loss in 90 days engaged

While former reality star Darcey Silva’s transformation was not as dramatic as Angela’s, she has made impressive progress in looking slimmer. However, cosmetic procedures such as liposuction are not permanent, and fans think Darcey may lose her temporary transformation. In addition, plastic surgery involves standing still and resting, which can affect her weight. Still, 90 days engaged fans hope that Darcey, Angela and Ed will continue to work towards their fitness goals without thinking about weight gain.

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90 days fiancé’s Tiffany looks slimmer than ever when posing for selfie

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