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Female Ovulationcheck reporter at news conference, writing notes, holding microphone. Media event.
Female Ovulationcheck reporter Elvira at news
conference, writing notes, holding microphone. Media event.

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Born as a website purely focused on ovulation and all the associated issues we have found the website to be expanded with multiple categories.
This in order to reach a wider audience, to keep the website more alive and offer more besides the main category.

Our Website contents

News and articles on Ovulationcheck is written by our experienced expert editors worldwide, cast in a basic and clean website.

From India to USA to Europe, we are broadly oriented!
Are you an authority or experienced expert yourself and want to share information on the website?

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Guest posts are welcome, but will be removed, including your account with other articles, if those have nothing to do with our various categories. (Ovulation, Fertility, Parenting, Childcare, Online Education, Personal Finance, Weight Loss, Celebrities and Photoalbum)

All our categories are hand-picked that will interest prospective and current parents and all those who are interested!

Posts and accounts with the sole purpose to advertise stuff will be removed too. Posts that are copy/paste material will be removed too. We like 100% unique content.

Other than that, you are more than welcome to enrich the website with your own articles.

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With our considerable reach and our clear target audience, Ovulationcheck may be an interesting platform for an advertisement for your company.

There are various possibilities for this. Ovulationcheck (media) will be happy to discuss these options with you.


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We will be very discreet about this and never mention names, ages, places of residence etc. etc.
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