Adele weight loss: Singer dropped 7st by ‘eating more’ than she used to – workout plan

Adele has become a weight loss hero for many out there, with experts estimating that she lost about 7th over the course of her music career. And while many may think eating less will help them achieve their weight loss goals, the singer revealed that she is actually “eating more” than she was used to while losing weight.

She had previously confirmed to British Vogue that any rumors suggesting she had lost weight through dieting were false.

The singer made it clear that she was not following any usual weight loss hacks, saying: “No intermittent fasting. Nothing.

“If anything, I eat more than I used to because I exercise so hard.”

She started working with her personal trainer Pete Geracimo after the birth of her son, which she shares with ex-husband Simon Konecki.

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In 2019, the singer went through many emotional upheavals, recovering from vocal cord surgery with her divorce from Konecki and two years earlier.

While many people “had to brave many of their demons” during the national coronavirus restrictions, Adele said she “did it the year before”.

“It became my time. I realized that when I was exercising, I had no anxiety,” she explained to Vogue.

“It was never about losing weight,” she shrugged. “I thought, if I can make my body physically strong, and I can feel and see it, then maybe one day I can make my emotions and my mind physically strong.”

She began her journey by starting with her nuclear power, adding, “I have a bad back and I had a cesarean section, so I just have nothing going on down there.”

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