Agribusinessmen attribute the rise in chicken prices to the lack of fertile eggs and the post-pandemic crisis

The president of the Dominican Agricultural Business Council (JAD), Osmar Benítez, explained on Monday morning that the increase in the price of chicken is due to two main factors. The first of these is, according to him, the lack of fertile eggswhile the second factor the crisis generated in the country as a result of the post-pandemic.

However, the agribusiness owner acknowledged that both situations led to a shortage of the product.

“We suggested to chicken producers that supply should be increased (…) if we produce 18 million chickens per month, that number must be increased to 22.5 million, ”he said.

On the other hand, Benítez explained that the lack of fertile eggs in the country made it difficult to meet the demand for the product to the point that it had to import from other countries.

“The number of fertile eggs in the local market for you to hatch and produce more chickens, run out “In the United States, for example, there are almost no fertile eggs for sale,” he said.

He explained that they are currently buying from the North American nation as well as from Canada and the Netherlands to meet consumer demand.

Despite this scenario, the Agribusiness Union representative was optimistic and assured that with some collective effort and solid budget support from the state, it is possible to solve the shortage of the product which forms one of the main foods that make up the basic food basket. family.

“To incubate an egg takes 21 days and to have the chicken ready for consumption takes another 39 days, which means that the chicken problem can be solved within 60 days“he said,

Recognizing that the pandemic also affected the rise in chicken prices, Benítez pointed out that “in times of crisis like this, national production is the key. ”

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