Alex Morgan on dieting, tacos and parenting a 2 year old

Alex Morgan says her family loves Taco Tuesday.  (Photo: Getty; designed by Quinn Lemmers)

Alex Morgan says her family loves Taco Tuesday. (Photo: Getty; designed by Quinn Lemmers)

Because food connects us all, Yahoo Life serves a big plate full of table talks with people who are passionate about what’s on their menu. Glazinga series on food.

Alex Morgan is a living football legend. She has performed for teams around the world and was a powerhouse at the Olympics and the World Cup. Today, you can find Morgan back in her home state of California, playing for the San Diego Wave FC in the National Women’s Soccer League (NWSL) – the top division of professional women’s soccer in the USA – and the United States Women’s National Soccer Team.

But while Morgan is a superstar on the soccer field, at home, she’s just a mom taking care of a toddler … wanting snacks.

“My daughter loves edamame,” Morgan told Yahoo Life. “She loves edamame. We also love cauliflower chips or lentil chips, they are for sure some favorites. Uncle Eddy’s vegan cookies are also very, very good, but [we eat] those in moderation. “

Morgan’s 2-year-old daughter, Charlie, is also very fond of fruit … and potato chips.

“My daughter is actually fond of fruit and so am I,” she says. “She will ask for strawberries, blueberries and bananas all day every day, so I end up eating a lot of fruit with her – it’s something we always snack on. And we love chips: all chips, jalapeño chips, salt and vinegar chips, chips and guac – I’m a big chip girl. “

Chips and guacamole are just the beginning, as Mexican food is a favorite in Morgan’s household. Her husband, Servando Carrasco, a soccer star in his own right who currently plays for the Fort Lauderdale CF, is originally from Tijuana, Mexico.

“Mexican food is actually very easy to make vegan,” she says. “Fajita vegetables, rice, beans, chips – who doesn’t love chips? And my daughter actually loves quesadillas, [which are] so super-easy. “

Although Morgan likes to eat Mexican meals, she usually prefers to cook simpler dishes, such as cereal bowls and stir-fries, leaving intense kitchen creations to the masters. “I’m leaving quite a bit [cooking authentic Mexican food] to my mother-in-law, “says Morgan.” She makes wonderful vegan dishes, but her baking skills are also unmatched. I’m not a big flan person, but her tres leches cake is to die before. “

In fact, Carrasco’s Mexican heritage has inspired one of Morgan’s favorite week-long food traditions.

“We do Taco Tuesdays as much as we can,” she says. “My husband and I did this thing where we speak Spanish on Tuesdays because I studied Spanish in college, but I have to fix it.”

Taco Tuesday and beyond, Morgan says she eats a fairly balanced diet, but games day means feeding her body for intense running, kicking and of course some heads.

“Preparing for a football game is different, it’s much more carbohydrate-forward than balanced with protein and greens,” she says. “For a pre-game meal I’ll eat some avocado toast. I don’t eat that many carbs on a typical day, but for a game I have to be able to hold for 90 minutes, and that’s when I’ll go. more carbohydrate-heavy. “

Morgan says working with Orgain was a natural fit as she drank their protein shakes after games to recover.  (Photo: Orgain)

Morgan says working with Orgain was a natural fit as she drank their protein shakes after games to recover. (Photo: Orgain)

Morgan, who spoke to Yahoo Life on behalf of her job as an ambassador for Orgain, says the brand is a go-to when it comes to refilling after a football session.

“I am so happy to work with them, because of course our family uses Orgain products and they have recently worked together. [the San Diego] Golf too, “she says,” so after every practice and game I get a plant-based protein shake. “

Between plant-based protein shakes and carbohydrate-heavy spell days, some may be misled into thinking the Morgan never indulges in treats, but the 33-year-old athlete says it could not be further from the truth.

“People think athletes eat perfectly and are always fair on it with nutrition and caring for their bodies through nutrition like a madman, “she says,” and as much as it’s on my mind and I’m aware of it, if I want a cinnamon roll or a cookie, I’m going to have It . “

At the end of the day, Morgan is more like most of us than we can believe after seeing his goal after goal on the soccer field. “Every now and then,” she shares, “I like to have a bottle of wine with my husband.”

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