Amarillo College adding a new way for students to see doctors online

AMARILLO, Texas (KFDA) – Amarillo College is adding Timely Care for students to access doctors and mental health professionals online 24/7 on their phones.

Timely Care is a virtual healthcare application that connects students with physicians across the country for basic physical and mental health care needs.

timely care
timely care(nvt)

It allows students to connect with doctors and mental health professionals through their devices whenever they need to.

Jerrod Hinders, coordinator of AC’s counseling center, says the school hopes to remove barriers for students so they can focus on school.

“We hope that this program will remove some of the barriers that students have had to academic success and do so in a way that is more equitable and easier access for our students and their dependents. We want to be here to complement it and help retain students, ”said Hinders.

The school wants to provide basic physical and mental health care resources to all its students, including those outside the state.

“We want to make sure that it is accessible to as many academic students as possible, and if we can remove that obstacle for themselves or their dependents, we want to help. This will enable our students not to choose between a quality education and quality health care and mental health care for themselves or their dependents. We want to be of service to that, ”Hinders said.

timely care
timely care(nvt)

AC will be able to fund the program for three years through CARES Law funds, and plans to continue it if students actively use it and benefit from it.

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