Best of 2022 So Far – Smithsonian Canvas

I take the rest of the week off. While I’m away, I’m going to republish some of the most popular posts of the year so far.

This week, the Smithsonian Learning Lab released a new tool that can be very helpful to history and art teachers. The tool is simply called Canvas (no connection to the LMS of the same name). Smithsonian Learning Lab’s Canvas tool lets you build collections of Smithsonian digitized artifacts and arrange the display of those artifacts as you wish.

The Canvas tool will work with new collections you create in your Smithsonian Learning Lab account and it will work with your existing collections. In either case, you can choose the layout for the collection, the size of the images and the color scheme of the notes in your collection. You can also share your Canvas so your students can see it. Full instructions for using the new Smithsonian Learning Lab Canvas can be found here. Directions for creating collections can be seen here.

Applications for Education
In announcing the Canvas instrument, the Smithsonian Learning Lab provided some uses for the new instrument. Those uses include arranging artifacts to make comparisons side by side (ideal for art teachers / students) and creating thematic collections that span multiple areas. This postcard canvas painting is a great example of the thematic arrangement of a collection.

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