Can Acupuncture Really Increase IVF Success Rates?

According to dr. Sarah Berga, a infertility specialist, does stress more than many people think when undergoing IVF treatments. Berga tells WebMD, “We now know that stress hormones such as cortisol disrupt the signal between the brain and the ovaries, which can weaken ovulation.” It is a self-protection mechanism for the body. Your body realizes that stress is not an optimal environment for pregnancy, so it does what it has to do to avoid it.

However, the more you desperately hope, plan and wait to get pregnant, the more stress can build up. IVF researcher Alice Domar agrees. “Women struggling with infertility have the same levels of anxiety and depression as women diagnosed with cancer or HIV,” she tells WebMD.

For these reasons, anything that can be done to calm the mind and relax the body can help prevent pregnancy, although it can be said more easily than done (via The Bump). However, thoughtfulness can help you review yourself and relieve stress, and acupuncture can help promote awareness.

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