Celebrity approved home organisation hacks: Stacey Solomon, Khloe Kardashian, more

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Celebrity megamansions are often kept neat and some A-listers like even higher companies the Style Sisters to keep up with their home organization. From Khloe Kardashian’s carefully designed pantry to Stacey SolomonInstagram-worthy fridge and Reese Witherspoon’s best wardrobe heel, we have many top tips for celebrities to help you get organized …

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Get labeling of your refrigerator storage like Stacey Solomon

The Loose Women star’s fridge is goals

Stacey Solomon’s sister is the queen of labeling, and her passion has rubbed off on Stacey and the star is getting squashed around her house. We love her impeccably organized fridge with labels for easy access. Do you also like labels? You need to invest in a Cricut machine to make your own.

Cricut joy starter set, £ 219.99, Very


Use a shoe rack like Mrs. Hinch

Organization with a budget!

Cleaner Mrs. Hinch always comes up with the best home organization ideas, and she did not disappoint her fans when she demonstrated an ingenious bathroom storage idea. The star showed how she placed shoe racks under the sink as a place to keep everything from towels to extra toilet rolls. Count us in!

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Wooden shoe rack, £ 13, Argos


Invest in handbag hangers like Reese Witherspoon

Reese’s wardrobe layout included handbag hangers

The Home Edit stars were unleashed on Reese Witherspoon’s walk-in closet, and handbag hangers were a must. They will help you to arrange your accessories perfectly and they only cost £ 4 each!

Home Edit handbag pendant, £ 4, John Lewis


Show off your shoes like Catherine Zeta-Jones

If you love shoes like Catherine Zeta-Jones but the space becomes scarce to store it, one simple tip can free up a lot of space on your shoe rack. The Chicago actress did not just coordinate her color impressive shoe collection, but she also placed them in alternating directions so that the pairs fit together more neatly and she could display more on each shelf. Slim, no?

Showcase your makeup in Perspex containers like Billie Faiers

Beauty lovers with a large stock of makeup like Billie Faiers can easily forget about their favorite products when hidden in drawers or a makeup bag, so give them a proud place on your dressing table with a variety of Perspex containers. You can showcase your most used pieces and organize by product type, which can also save time on your beauty routine in the morning. Wen-wen.

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Color coordinate your clothes like Spencer Matthews

An easy way to get your wardrobe in order is to organize your tops, dresses and other items by color like Spencer Matthews. That last-minute struggle to find your favorite black dress or jacket just got a lot easier.

Show off your most valuable possessions like Kris Jenner

Kris Jenner has spent thousands on her prized Birkin handbag collection, so it’s no surprise that she chose to show it off with her own bag wardrobe at her Los Angeles home. So why not do the same with your favorite items? Celebrate the pieces you value most by finding a space to store them properly in your home, even if only by cleaning a shelf at the top of your wardrobe for your own handbags rather than putting them in a pile to shrink at the bottom.

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Store kitchen ingredients in glass bottles like Khloe Kardashian

Kitchen cabinets can quickly become sloppy and disorganized, but one easy way to evacuate is to store everything from sugar to spaghetti in glass bottles and containers. Take clues from Khloé Kardashian by adding labels so you know exactly what everything is, and organizing by product type to make it look even neater.

Glass Spice Pot, from £ 4, Not A Boring Box


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Organize your kitchenware with reed baskets like Kendall Jenner

Like her sister Khloé, Kendall Jenner has a perfectly-organized pantrywith food organized in storage containers and reed baskets – ideal for items such as cans and packets of chips – so you’ll never have to struggle to find something again.

Set of 4 Seagrass storage baskets, £ 16.99, Amazon


Separate your beauty products into different categories like Katy Perry

Katy Perry Invokes Professional Home Organizers The Home Edit to tackle her “storage problems”, with its beauty products, toiletries and household items organized according to product type in drawers and on rotating storage carousels. You will never lose anything again.

Rotary Cosmetics Organizer, £ 19.99, Amazon


Throw away paperwork in neatly-labeled folders like Lauren Conrad

Keep you home office as pristine as Lauren Conrad’s by filing your paperwork in box files and trays like this sustainable Kraft collection from Paperchase. Neat desk, neat mind!

Kraft A4 Stationery Box, £ 7.50, Paperchase


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