Childcare in DC costs 85% more than national average

The cost of day care across the country continues to rise.

A new study by shows families in DC pay nearly 85% more than the national average for childcare, which is $ 226 a week.

Parents in the district, according to the report, pay an average of $ 419 for one child – that’s almost $ 200 above the national average.

Aaron Racesterk is the father of a 5-year-old twin. He told FOX 5 that the amount parents have to pay in the DC area is “a lot”.

“It’s about $ 1,000 a week for these guys if we had to do it. It’s a considerable amount of money. It’s expensive,” he said.

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It would mr. Racesterk costs almost $ 4,000 a month for his twins when they were in daycare, which is one of the reasons he and his wife decided to keep the children at home.

“Expenses were an issue, but we look back on it and think, we save all this money by not having to go to day care,” Racesterk explained.

Keeping the children at home is not an option for everyone, but some are also forced due to long waiting lists.


Rebecca Flemming, the mother of an 18-month-old, said she has been on waiting lists at some nurseries for almost two years.

“We could not get in yet. With COVID, of course, it was challenging,” she said.

Child care experts say demand is causing a rise in prices.

According to the survey, nearly 9,000 day care centers closed from December 2019 to March 2021 in 37 states.

“It’s so hard to get to … really quality child care,” Flemming said. “There’s so much demand, and supply and demand statistics are down.”

If you are looking for a babysitter, the national average cost for their services is from $ 565 per week in 2019 to $ 694 in 2021 for one child, the survey reads.

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In the district, the average cost for a babysitter is now a whopping $ 855.

Maggie Schallau, the mother of a 9-month-old child, told FOX 5: “People can not pay it. You’re going to get a price. I can work more hours and make more money, but it will not cost “Pushing up my hours doesn’t really make sense, given the cost of how much more help we’ll need.”

DC is not the only place in our area that has made’s top ten list. Maryland is no. 8. The state’s weekly average for day care is $ 254, which is 12% above the national average.

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