David Harbour Has Regrets Over His Staggering Stranger Things Weight Loss

David Harbor recently spoke to GQ about his experience working on the fourth chapter of Netflix’s “Stranger Things”, revealing that he lost 80 pounds for the season to the difficult conditions of Hopper’s captivity in the hands of the To reflect Russians.

According to the actor, his staggering weight loss was the result of an intense eight-month regimen that required him to fast and do a lot of Pilates. There is no denying that Harbor has dropped pounds has improved his performance, but fans should not expect the actor to go through similar trials himself to move forward. “I do not think I will ever do it again,” he revealed.

Furthermore, Harbor remains true to his father’s beliefs as he looks to the future. During the interview, he noted that he has since regained the weight for another project, which fans can look forward to seeing later this year. “I have this Santa Claus movie coming out for Universal in December [“Violent Night”]and I won [it all back]. But now, yes, never again. The prosthetics are too good. ”

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