Fertility Clinic Responds After Gay Couple Alleges Wrong Sex Embryo Was Implanted – NBC Los Angeles

In response to a gay couple’s lawsuit claiming their desires to have a son were thwarted when a female embryo was incorrectly implanted in their pregnancy carrier, a spokesman for a Pasadena-based in vitro fertilization clinic said Wednesday each child has “value and unlimited potential, regardless of gender.”

Plaintiffs Albert and Anthony Saniger filed the lawsuit Friday in Los Angeles Supreme Court against the HRC fertility and fertility specialist, dr. Bradford A. Kolb, charged with breach of contract, medical malpractice, negligence, fraudulent omission and violation of the Unfair Competition Act and the Consumer Act. Remedies Act. The case claims unspecified damages.

“At HRC Fertility, our mission is to provide world-class care,” said a spokeswoman for the clinic. “We have helped thousands of people, including the couple involved in this lawsuit.”

While the Sanigers ideally coveted a baby boy, they were nonetheless blessed with a healthy girl and HRC tried to address their concerns, according to the spokesman.

“Every child has value and unlimited potential regardless of gender,” the spokesman said. “We hope the Sanigers find love and value in their healthy child while so many across the country struggle with reproductive issues.”

The Sanigers met more than 10 years ago, got married in 2013 and dreamed of having a maximum of two children, both boys, the suit reads. Before they got married, in May 2015, the Sanigers chose first and middle names for their future sons and created Gmail accounts for their future offspring with their first and last names, the suit reads.

Throughout the process, the Sanigers were explicitly with MRC and Kolb that they wanted only male embryos to be transferred to their pregnancy carrier and the accused suggested that the Sanigers could choose the exact embryos, which have an identified sex, to each transfer to be used. , reads the suit.

Instead, HRC and Kolb negligently, recklessly and / or intentionally transferred a female embryo to the Sanigers’ pregnancy carrier, ” according to the suit.

MRK “specifically targets families in the LGBTQ community and its website says the clinic is” dedicated to helping the gay and lesbian community realize their dreams of parenthood, “the suit reads.

HRC’s website also states that Kolb is internationally known for his expertise in complex reproductive matters and that patients from all over the world come to seek his services, the suit reads. The website further states that Kolb’s practice is known for helping to develop and implement cutting-edge technologies in the genetic screening of embryos and the development of new laboratory technologies, according to the suit.

IVF is a particularly expensive process for male gay couples who have to arrange for their children to be carried by a pregnancy carrier, the suit reads. In May 2020, the Sanigers provided their sperm to HRC to create their embryos, and arrangements were made for donor eggs and a pregnancy carrier by a third-party agency at a total cost to the plaintiffs of about $ 300,000, the case.

Unsuccessful transfers took place in July and September 2020 before their surrogate became pregnant in December of that year, the case reads.

The Sanigers’ daughter was born in 2021, the case reads.

“To date, HRC has not given any explanation for how this error occurred,” the case reads.

The financial impact on the Sanigers is “understandable”, as they will eventually raise three children rather than the two boys they have planned for, the case reads.

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