Future Family Announces 0% Interest Rate Financing For Fertility Treatments

SAN FRANCISCO – (BUSINESS THREAD) – Today, Future Family, the only fertility financing platform to link a modern fintech experience with customer care and wellness support, announced that it will add a 0% interest rate fertility financing program to its offerings. This first-of-its-kind plan enables prospective parents to pay for high-cost fertility treatments without additional interest for up to 12 months. It is a game-changing alternative to large prepayments or credit cards with high interest rates. Future Family launches the program in partnership with CCRM Fertility, the global pioneer in fertility science, research and treatment.

Financing is the smartest way to pay for fertility treatment and Future Family’s 0% interest rate plan allows eligible patients to pay the same amount as a cash purchase, but with the flexibility to spread payments over time. Future Family is the best fertility partner for prospective parents, especially compared to credit cards, which are used by just over 85% of patients, have average interest rates of more than 15%, and credit limits that are often lower than the cost of treatment. Future Family’s plans offer an alternative to carrying a credit card balance, which can negatively affect credit scores and become cumbersome in the future.

Prior to this program, no fertility finance company offered a 0% interest financing plan without huge application fees that cost thousands of dollars, so it is truly a breakthrough that will give even more prospective parents the opportunity to grow their families, ”says Claire Tomkins , HUB. and founder of Future Family. “We are very proud to announce this partnership with CCRM Fertility and to introduce a unique financing option that will meet the needs of even more patients. Future Family believes that building a family is one of the most important milestones in life, and financing together with care and well-being is the safest and smartest solution for prospective parents. ”

Today, almost 50% of people who visit a fertility clinic in pursuit of care and support do not continue treatment due to the high cost and complexity. Future Family transforms the typically difficult and confusing experience with its platform, combining payments to multiple providers into a streamlined and predictable experience enhanced by automated payment and support from personal fertility coaches.

Future Family opens the door to even more people interested in growing their families with fertility treatments by changing how to approach payment for treatment and expand access to care, ”said Jon Pardew, President and CEO of CCRM Fertility, said. “Both Future Family and CCRM Fertility offer the best patient care and support with a focus on innovative solutions. We are delighted to offer this much-needed financing option to our patients at most US CCRM fertility locations. ”

To learn more about Future Family, please visit www.futurefamily.com.

About Future Family

Future Family is where people begin their fertility journey. The company’s mission is to make fertility care accessible and affordable for all. Future Family combines advances in fintech, fertility and porter care to empower prospective parents during their fertility journey. Future Family was founded by Claire Tomkins, former CEO of SolarCity, whose own fertility battle inspired her to improve the experience for other women.

About CCRM Fertility

CCRM Fertility is a global pioneer in fertility treatment, research and science. CCRM Fertility, founded 35 years ago by Dr. William Schoolcraft was founded, specializing in the most advanced fertility treatments, with in-depth expertise in IVF, fertility testing, egg freezing, pre-implantation genetic testing, third-party reproduction and egg donation. CCRM Fertility uses its own data and a dedicated team of internal reproductive endocrinologists, embryologists and geneticists to deliver leading-edge results. CCRM Fertility has 26 locations in North America that serve patients in 11 major metropolitan areas, including Atlanta, Boston, Dallas-Fort Worth, Denver, Houston, New York, Northern Virginia, Minneapolis, Orange County, San Francisco Bay Area and Toronto. . For more information, visit www.ccrmivf.com.

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