Hoosier College and Career Academy: Getting Your Students on the Right Path to Education – and Career – Success.

INDIANAPOLIS – (BUSINESS THREAD) – With the demand for online school options at a peak, enrollment is now open for the 2022-2023 school year at Hoosier College and Career Academy (Hoosier), a full-time, public school program for Indiana students in grades 7-12.

Hoosier, sponsored by Ball State University, offers students a standard-aligned curriculum facilitated by highly qualified Indiana-certified teachers, from the safety of the student’s homes or anywhere with an Internet connection. And with the school’s unique career-focused approach, students can link a solid academic foundation with practical learning experiences in career exploration.

In addition to core classes, Hoosier will provide avenues for students to earn a high school diploma that meets the Indiana Graduation Pathways requirements. Students will have the opportunity to obtain industry-recognized certificates, including associate degrees, and gain relevant work experience in a growing field by participating in real-world learning experiences. Options will include personal or virtual internships, externals, summer jobs and apprenticeships. Most actual experiences will take place during students’ junior and senior years or during summer vacations and industry partnerships and will be built by dedicated staff members and members of an Industry Advisory Board. Career counselors will be taxed to match students to actual learning opportunities.

Hoosier Pathways includes business and marketing, IT, health and introduction to human and social services.

According to Indeed.com labor market data, nearly 4,000 jobs posted in Indiana in the past year require an education level less than a bachelor’s degree. And with nearly 1M Indiana residents carrying more than $ 30 billion in student loan debt, Hoosier is available at a time when families need learning options that will bolster students’ future educational prospects.

“Our mission is to provide personal, virtual learning opportunities to all Indiana students, regardless of circumstances and abilities. And at Hoosier, we want to prepare students for personal and professional success, ”said David Rarick, principal. As an online school with a proven track record of success as part of its curriculum, Hoosier is proud to introduce families to a learning environment that meets their needs today and puts them on the path to a bright future. ”

Hoosier’s curriculum is provided by Stride, Inc., an education leader with more than 20 years of experience delivering online education to students across the country. Stride has partnered with schools and districts in all 50 states to help develop local solutions to achieve personalized online and mixed learning goals.

Enrollment at Hoosier College and Career Academy is now open for the 2022-2023 school year. For more information, visit Hoosier today.

About Hoosier College and Career Academy

Hoosier College and Career Academy (Hoosier) is a full-time online learning program for students nationwide in grades 7-12 and will serve students starting in the fall of this year. Hoosier, sponsored by Ball State University, is tuition-free for Indiana students and gives families the choice to access the curriculum provided by Stride Career Prep, a Stride, Inc. company (NYSE: LRN). Stride Career Prep provides learners of all ages with an effective way to learn and build their skills for the future. For more information, visit Hoosier today.

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