Huge rise in lesbians and single women seeking fertility treatment

There has been a doubling in the number of lesbians and single women seeking fertility treatment over the past decade.

Research by Sundhedsdatastyrelsen conducted in 2021 revealed that out of the 15,500 women who received fertility treatment, 2,721 were single and 595 were members of lesbian couples, compared to 1,316 and 315 in 2012.

A law was passed in 2007 that allows both lesbian couples and single women to be inseminated with donor sperm at clinics in Denmark.

Mixed answers
According to Maria Salamon, the manager of Videnscentret Fertility Care, it is more acceptable and common in today’s society for single women and lesbian couples to have children through insemination, and it is easier and faster for them to go to a clinic and the procedure to undergo. done compared to before.

There is still a degree of stigma attached to the act. Some have expressed concern about how children may be affected by the lack of a male figure in their lives.

Lars Dencik, a professor and researcher in social psychology at Roskilde University, believes this can lead to the same kind of longing found among adopted children.

However, the majority of people consider these family structures as the norm, which helps to explain the increase in numbers.

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