Indira IVF Leaps To Provide Fertility Perks For Indian Corporate Employees

Indira IVF, India’s largest infertility treatment chain, has announced a strategic partnership with an American women’s and family healthcare provider, Maven Clinic. The collaboration aims to bring fertility care to businesses in India by increasing access to treatment, and highlighting the importance of including fertility treatments in the country’s healthcare initiatives. This is one of the first initiatives taken by an infertility treatment provider in the country to make fertility treatments accessible and affordable to the corporate workforce.

The partnership between Indira IVF and Maven Clinic involves treatments for employees of Maven Clinic’s partners at ten metro locations in the country. Maven’s virtual platform for family building care will be complemented by Indira IVF’s personalized support that includes doctor consultation, treatment cycle and egg and embryo storage.

Following Indira IVF’s latest investment introducing artificial intelligence (AI) across all its centres, the tie-up with Maven will benefit individuals working in these fast-paced environments. The use of objective-based treatment and AI will reduce the total number of cycles needed to achieve a pregnancy, which is particularly important for individuals working in the corporate workforce, as it has been observed that after the age of 35 opt for treatment because of their increased focus on building a career in their late 20s and early 30s.

Dr Nitiz Murdia – Co-Founder and Managing Director, Indira IVF spoke about the strategic partnership, “Indira IVF is a technology-first organization that uses best-in-class technology to make parenthood a reality. In India, infertility has social consequences that can affect one’s emotional and mental well-being. We are therefore focused on improving clinical outcomes by investing in technology such as AI to standardize processes across our 114 centres. Our collaboration with Maven Clinic will advance the goal of providing equal access to our technology-oriented solutions, while emphasizing the importance of timely treatment for infertility.”

On the importance of adopting fertility, Dr Kshitiz Murdia – Co-Founder and CEO, Indira IVF said, “About 15% of India’s total population suffers from infertility and we have noticed that the conversations around infertility and IVF are gradually starting to be discussed become in the open. This is especially true in urban locations and among the corporate workforce where the erratic work-life balance/lifestyle contributes to reasons of infertility among young couples. As a cascading effect, organizations have realized the need to introduce health care benefits that focus on their employee’s fertility care.”

In a recent survey conducted by Maven, it was found that 32% of participating companies plan to expand health benefits offered to employees. It has also been suggested that companies with a global workforce find it challenging to navigate the local scenario in different countries. Indira IVF’s collaboration with Maven Clinic as an addition to its Global Fertility and Family Building program will therefore help fill this gap in India by providing technology-led infertility solutions.

Maven is the largest virtual women’s and family health clinic, offering ongoing, holistic care for fertility, pregnancy, parenting and pediatrics, and menopause. Serving members worldwide since 2015 with a presence in 175+ countries, the organization supports employers with a global workforce that strive to provide equitable family-building care to all employees.

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