Kylie Jenner forced to defend her parenting after making a sandwich for Travis Scott

Kylie Jenner (24) is a parent of four-year-old daughter Stormi and five-month-old son Wolf with rapper Travis Scott. The mother recently came to the defense of her parenting when a delivery manager claimed he heard “a baby scream” while delivering food to her home in Los Angeles.

It’s not uncommon for Kylie Jenner to become confrontational on social media, but fans love how active she is at the moment. The reality star recently shut down a delivery manager who claimed to have heard “a baby scream” while placing an order at her home.

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Kylie Jenner forced to defend her parenting on TikTok

TikTok user Pablo Tamayo, shared a video with his 400,000 followers claiming to have delivered a $ 12 (£ 10) order from Erewhon at Kylie Jenner’s home. The order was for some pepperoni that Jenner needed to make Travis Scott a sandwich. Kylie later shared the pepperoni on her own TikTok page in a montage video of how she prepares and eats the sandwich with her boyfriend, Travis Scott.

Tamayo told his followers the order was placed under the name ‘Ashton’ which he thought could be Kylie’s assistant. Pablo said he knew it was Kylie’s house after a friend showed him what it looked like, and he saw all the security around it. He continued to film himself as he approached the gate before asking a member of security if it was the KUWTK star’s home.

In the video, Tamayo claimed that he “just entered Kylie’s house” and said he “walked through this path with like a river below it.” The Holmby Hills estate in Los Angeles is a prestigious location and Tamayo said it is so high security that he was told ‘to call and’ go through the gate ‘instead of leaving the order outside.

When he walked in, Pablo said he was feeling nervous, but he had to “look all over the house, I see all these assistants, all these servants and s ** t. I did not see Kylie, I did not see Stormi, but I swear I heard a baby scream. ‘ This remark seems to have rubbed off on Kylie in the wrong way when she came to the defense of her babies.

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Kylie Jenner responds to TikTok video

Kylie appeared to address Pablo’s claims in a TikTok comment on her video, writing: ‘Nobody’s coming through the gate! The river ?? No river. The lie for attention rubs me wrong sorry. Recipe coming soon lol. ‘

Kylie also mentioned that Tamayo was given a fee, although Pablo said in his video “This b *** h could have paid me more.” Jenner wrote in a second comment, I did not order it myself! He IS tipped by the app. Also lied to see through my windows and hear my son crying. ?? ‘

Another comment that concludes Kylie’s scenario is, ‘If you do not know what I’m talking about, just keep going 🤣💗🙏🏼.

Pablo also posted Kylie’s story of her making the sandwich for Travis Scott and having a bite of it herself. Tamayo captioned the post: ‘Ur welcome travis’.

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