Le Doux and Losego Appointed to Education Innovation Professorships

In 2017, he proposed pursuing Georgia Tech Technology Fee funds to implement TurningPoint Response Software campus-wide. As a result of Losego’s encouragement, all Georgia Tech students now have free access to the software on their devices, enabling them to actively participate in presentations and lectures.

Losego is a member of the College of Diversity, Equity and Inclusion in the College and MSE. His work has included leading an effort to gather student resources in Canvas, Georgia Tech’s course management software. A new Canvas site available this fall will connect students with mental health, wellness, temporary housing assistance, veterans support, LGBTQIA + resources, and more.

“I am very excited and honored by this professorship. I would like to use this platform internally to establish an annual workshop for the College’s incoming assistant professors to share best practices to be effective, efficient and equitable in their teaching. My teaching and continued interest in pedagogy was largely shaped by a similar workshop as a junior faculty, and I would like to offer a similar experience, ”said Losego. “I look forward to broadening awareness of all of our experiential education platforms at Georgia Tech – maker spaces, vertically integrated projects and more – as I work with peer institutions to build or grow their own experiential education programs.”

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