Little People’s Zach and Tori Roloff slammed for ‘dangerous’ parenting move during car ride with son Jackson, 5

ZACH and Tori Roloff got setbacks over what fans called a dangerous parenting move while on a car ride with their five-year-old son Jackson.

The Little People Big World stars have been at the center of controversy over many of their choices as young parents.

Jackson was not properly strapped into his car seat


Jackson was not properly strapped into his car seatCredit: TLC
Fans scold Zach and Tori for 'poor parenting'


Fans scold Zach and Tori for ‘poor parenting’Credit: YouTube

Now Zach (32) and Tori (31) have been scolded for improperly pinning their son Jackson (5) in his car seat.

In a scene from Tuesday’s episode, the reality star took his children to grab some food from Sonic.

But eagle-eyed fans quickly realized that his oldest child was not strapped into his booster seat.

While one strap was weakly loosened over the top of the seat and under his arms, the other was nowhere to be seen.

LPBW fans complain to Tori & Zach for 'bad' parenting move with son Jackson (5).
Little People's Tori & Zach criticized for letting Lilah play with 'dangerous' objects


LPBW followers ran to Reddit to complain about the accident and the couple complained for their negligence.

“Yesterday’s episode showed how Jackson was wearing his seat belt improperly in a high back amplifier. Shouldn’t he still be in a 5-point harness? All I kept thinking about was how fast he would fly out in an accident. , “one wrote and opened the conversation.

“They let the children bounce around unbound in that Mule on the farm,” a second recalled.

A third remarked, “Blows my mind if people just do not care about their children’s safety. It only takes one, never big, wreck to seriously injure a child in the wrong seat.”

“They are lazy and reckless. I hate it when people do not take the safety of car seats seriously,” a fourth insulted.

“Yes and Lilah should still be backwards,” a fifth claimed, also noting Zach’s two-year-old daughter’s position.

“Idiots should not have children,” a final was offended.


This was not the first time that Zach and Tori raised controversy over their children’s car safety.

Just last week, the young mother shared a snapshot of her two-year-old girlfriend in an Instagram story.

Even though Lilah was tied to her car seat, the toddler managed to wrap around.

Tori’s daughter wore glasses on her face and wore a beautiful floral outfit.

She ate chips while bending her leg backwards.

The LPBW star remarked, “That foot!”

Tori described the baby as the “ultimate road tripper boon!”


But fans argued in an online thread that Lilah could “fall off” from her seat because her buckle was “loose” and she had to look back.

One critic said: “I was tempted to jump in the screen just in case she should fall. Scary stuff!

“I’m not exactly one who believes we should wrap our kids in bubble wrap and force them to wear helmets 24/7 just to keep them safe … but that was beyond reckless.”

Another commenter wrote: “The torso of people with achondroplasia is (on average) the same size / length as people of average height. So Lilah could still have extended the harness or shell of rear seats.”

A third said, “Lilah should have tied Lilah better to her seat. It’s not that hard Tori.”

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A fourth person added: “My son will look backwards until he is the absolute maximum weight. I know he would much prefer to look forward, but, child, you still have seventeen pounds to go for it. Backwards are SO much safer. “

Another said: “The car gets dirty too. Neatness is not exactly Zach and Tori’s strength.”

Zach was trolled for his car seat skills


Zach was trolled for his car seat skillsCredit: TLC
Tori also raised controversy over Lilah's car safety


Tori also raised controversy over Lilah’s car safety
The couple welcomed their son Josiah on April 30


The couple welcomed their son Josiah on April 30Credit: Instagram / @toriroloff

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