Liver King Exposed For Allegedly Using $12K Worth Of Human Growth Hormones Per Month, Despite Claiming He’s Natural

Who is the liver king?

The 45-year-old influencer, born Brian Johnson, earned the title “Liver King” by famously eating raw meat and organs. He joined social media platforms in August 2021 and easily amassed 1.7 million followers on Instagram and 3.5 million on TikTok. He attributes his strong, muscular physique to his “Nine Ancestral Principles”: sleep, eat, move, protect, connect, cold, sun, fight and bond.

Liver King often posts viral videos of himself working out in different locations and eating tons of meat, encouraging others to follow the “ancestral diet” like he does. He became the CEO of Ancestral Supplements, a store that sells grass-fed beef, organs, collagen and more – all in capsule form, ranging from $30 to $65 a bottle.

Fitness influencer exposes the liver king

Beyond Liver King’s obvious success in social media and his company, his energetic, seemingly easy-going persona has earned him a cult following that admires the influencer’s every turn. However, Liver King may not be as authentic as he seems. According to another health and fitness influencer, @Derek_Fitness, recently leaked emails expose Liver King’s use of steroids. In the one-hour exposé created by @Derek_Fitness, a screenshot of the alleged emails between Liver King and a body image trainer was shown.

On June 29, 2021, an email was sent from detailing his steroid cycle and his disturbing intake of 16 vials per week. “I’ve been working out for 35 years,” he writes, “I know how to eat, exercise, rest and recover (I even have a hard-shell hyperbaric chamber at my house) … but … as I have my mid- reached forty, it gets harder and the fat fucking kills me.” He continues, “To support these exhausting efforts, I recently started taking Omnitrope…the 5.8MG vials from Empower Pharmacy ($11K USD per month for my new dose which is 4 vials/week – 16 vials/ month). ” Omnitrope is a growth hormone that stimulates growth and cell reproduction in animals and humans. He also mentions the other pharmaceutical-grade growth hormones, peptides, and anabolic steroids he takes including Ibutamoren, IGF-1 LR, and Winstrol, and more.

While the announcement of Liver King’s use of steroids may seem shocking, most people aren’t really that surprised. “Did anyone actually think he was natural lol,” @mencer304 wrote on Twitter.

“Most bizarre is why Liver King ever claimed natty in the first place. It was obvious he was on gear, why risk your reputation by lying about something so absurd?” commented on personal trainer @AJA_Cortes.

This summer, Liver King addressed Joe Rogan’s comments about him using steroids. “The Liver King drives me crazy because that guy is on steroids,” says Rogan. In an interview on Mark Bell’s Power Project, the King denied Rogan’s statements. “I think he says that [Liver King on steroids] is dangerous,” Liver King said. “You know, I want to set the record straight. I would love to have the opportunity to speak with him face to face. To get really deep into the nine ancestral principles… I don’t touch this stuff [steroids], I have never done this stuff before. I’m not going to do this stuff.”

On Liver King’s website in the FAQ section, one query caught my eye: “DO YOU TAKE ANY ARTIFICIAL ENHANCER?” The answer to this question is interesting, knowing what we may have just learned about Brian Johnson: “Liver King has never cheated or taken a shortcut in any capacity of life.” Adding, “You deserve the life and woman you see. We believe you should avoid man-made toxins, and commit to the 9 Ancestral Principles. You will unlock the greatest version of yourself and you will optimize your testosterone, your growth hormone, your IGF-1, your DHT, key metabolic markers and you will reach a higher version of yourself. No steroids needed.”

Concluding thoughts

Liver King’s whole schtick is naturally living like our ancestors. Taking pharma-grade steroids and hormones for the sake of changing your physique is (of course) a huge contrast to his teachings. And it’s safe to say that Liver King’s followers trust him – will this news now affect their judgment of their favorite controversial influencer? In all fairness, those who have followed Liver King’s advice on workouts and diets without seeing any massive gains or incredible results are right to be upset.

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