Mom documents respectful parenting on TikTok

Parenting is not easy. In fact, it’s really hard. To educate people through the different stages of development, to navigate their unique needs and personalities, to help them develop the tools and skills and qualities they need to contribute to members of society, all while feeding, clothes, housing and make sure they have an education? It is very.

And unfortunately, many people were not raised with good parenting examples to learn from. Abuse and neglect of varying degrees is incredibly common, so many people find themselves plodding when it comes time to raise their own children. So often people want to do things differently than their parents did, but do not know what to do instead.

Positive discipline has been around for a long time, but many people do not really understand how it works. Some may see it as being described as “gentle parenting” or “gentle parenting” and accept that it is somehow flawed. Some may think of it as weak or ineffective. Really, nothing can be further from the truth.

A mom on TikTok known as LauraLove has gained millions of followers who share her positive parenting adventures with her two young sons, Jonah and Carter. It’s not all sunshine and roses – she’s clear about how much work and repetition requires gentle parenting, and she’s honest about when she’s getting into reactive habits herself. A recent viral video shows some of the results of this parenting approach.

In the video, LauraLove shares how she responds to several different parenting scenarios, and then shows how her children handle it weeks or months later. As she says, gentle parenting does not always produce immediate results (because it is not based on fear), but being consistent and patient pays off over time.

Watch it:

@ lauralove5514

Gentle parenting does not always produce immediate reaulya because it is not fear based, BUT if you are consistent, you WILL see how they actively use what they learn ♥ ️ Be patient! #fyp #forjou #kleuterma #parenting #soft parenting #breekdiesiklus #positiewedissipline #respekvolleouerskap #viraal

Of course, that composition does not show the whole story. She also shared a video that went into more detail about the spilled coffee scenario. She was initially upset, so she modeled to keep quiet until she calmed herself, which also helped her son understand that the spill was a problem without embarrassing him. The natural consequence was that he had to clean up the mess, but he also learned why it was not a good idea to slide it and how it affected the person drinking it.

@ lauralove5514

Reply to @mairenicadhla As requested, here is the whole video and how I reacted 😳🤣 #soft parenting #for you #fipe #PassTheBIC #viral #toddlermom #momlife #parenting #positionaldiscipline

And yes, she said “that very nice coffee you made for me.” Her children make food all the time, as is fairly normal for young children raised in a Montessori educational model.

@ lauralove5514

Okay, but how sweet is that?!? 🥺😭 #UnsealTheMeal #fyp #foryou #montessori #gentleparenting #viral

(Do not worry, that knife is a toddler chopper that cuts through fruits and vegetables, but not through skin.)

One of her most popular videos is when she gives her older son something out of the fridge and sees what he does with it. His cooking skills are impressive. Just look:

@ lauralove5514

SO many requests for another one of these! Luckily Carter told me in the morning he feels like cooking today, so I surprised him after bedtime with some onions 🤣🥰 #takeaNAIRbreak #foryou #viral #fyp #viral #montessori #cooking #recipe #nothermother

(“Where is my seasonal seasoningwill be my main kitchen mantra from here.)

Parenting is a long game, and positive discipline takes full advantage of that fact. Rather than seeing unwanted behavior as a character flaw that needs to be crushed, gentle parenting seeks out the underlying needs that are not being met, feelings that are not being expressed, or lessons that are not understood, and addresses those things. . Positive parenting acknowledges that children simply learn and that severe punishments later on will often lead to worse outcomes, even if they stop short-term behavior.

Thanks to LauraLove for showing how respectful parenting can look and how effective it can really be.

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