Paneer VS Tofu| Which is Beneficial For Weight Loss

Paneer VS Tofu: Do you follow a specific diet plan? Then the chances are high to balance your protein intake, your nutritionist should have asked you to eat bread or tofu to boost your protein count. Although both food items are considered as related alternatives to each other, they are the most preferred foods when it comes to leading a healthy lifestyle. Paneer and tofu are rich in nutrients and are good for your overall health.Also read – Eating one avocado a day can lower unhealthy cholesterol levels

It can be difficult to make a choice between bread and tofu, especially when trying to lose weight. Paneer is one of the most consumed food items in India, loaded with proteins and calcium, Shahi Paneer, Paneer Bhurji are common dishes in every Indian household. Also read – This one weight loss tip can help you lose weight in a week, here’s what to avoid

Tofu is made from soy milk and looks exactly like breadcrumbs. But what is better for weight loss? Let’s dive deep into the nutrient content of paneer and tofu. Also read – Tips to lose weight: Burn maximum calories with this HIIT workout routine; Watch Video

Benefits of Paneer and Tofu

Paneer is made from cow or buffalo milk soaked in lemon juice or another acid, while tofu has the same texture and is made by solidifying soy milk. For the unread, breadcrumbs contain animal-based protein, while tofu is loaded with plant-based protein.

Paneer VS Tofu: What is beneficial for weight loss?

Most of us grew up enjoying the delicious bread because it is a good source of protein and calcium and helps with digestion.

Protein content of Paneer and Tofu

100 g serving of bread contains about 18.3 g of protein, according to a report by NDTV. If you compare the protein content of Tofu, it is quite low. 100 g portion of tofu contains 6.9 g protein.


If you suffer from anemia, tofu may be a good option for you. It is loaded with iron, while Paneer has low levels of iron content in it.

Paneer VS Tofu: What is beneficial for weight loss?


Paneer is good for you if you want to boost your calcium content. 100 grams of bread contains 208 mg of calcium, while 100 grams of tofu contains 130 mg of calcium.


The NDTV reports say that bread has more calories than tofu. It says that 100 g serving of bread can have as many as 265 calories and 100 g serving of tofu has about 62 calories. Tofu is a better option if you are on a weight loss journey.

Paneer VS Tofu: What is beneficial for weight loss?

Paneer or Tofu? What can help to lose weight?

Closure: If you are trying to shed those extra pounds, then tofu is a better option. Although, you should not give up completely on your bread, as the protein and calcium content is essential for you and your health.

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