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Amritsar, July 11

Parenting can be extremely demanding, especially if you have a 16-year-old emerging champion who does not want to live under the shadow of a well-known actor father.

But R Madhavan and his son Vedaant apparently have a set of rules they follow, as the actor shared how he enters the path of parenting carefully and practically.

The film Rocketry: The Nambi Effect star was in Amritsar to attend the event organized by the FICCI FLO city chapter titled Raising A Champion.

“The first advice I want to give to parents is to always underplay your child’s achievements to keep them grounded and to control your ambitions as a parent. I never let what’s in my head come into Vedaant’s head. He may get all this attention about me, but his own achievements are by far his own and that speaks for himself, ”he shared.

Vedaant’s score of seven medals at the Danish Open 2022 earlier this year created waves and the country praised its next swimming sensation. But Madhavan said his advice to his son was to know the difference between his successes and failures. “I always share with him how I handled my successes and failures. He must understand that they are not connected. For most parents, our child’s achievements feel like our safety mechanism. You have to make them understand that at the age of 18 or 19 they do not have to be on top of everything, which is the case in today’s world. ”

During the interaction, he also mentioned how he learned the lessons of life from his father. “My father once told me that if I make any mistake, I will tell him about it first, because he will try to help me correct them through his experience and that he will always be in my team.”

Another piece of advice he gave to the parents present was to verify their facts before passing them on to others. “As a parent, I believe it is very important to verify whatever you hear before you believe it is a fact. There is so much information on WhatsApp and the internet that you, like me, have to fall prey to misinformation. And that algorithm stays with you. So, authenticity is something I aim for as a parent, as an actor, ”he said.

Meanwhile, he seemed impressed by the performance given to him by a group of children, consisting of Gargi, Dishita, Devyansh, Rudransh, Dhananjay, Ayaan and Arhaan. He also shared fond memories of his visit to Amritsar during the recording of Tanu Weds Manu.

Chairman, FLO, Amritsar, Shikha Sareen said this opportunity was to gain insight into parenting, especially fathers. “Raising a child is a collective effort of both mother and father. Fatherhood, it seems, is still considered an easy job compared to motherhood. But Madhavan’s insight was quite a revelation to many of us. “

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