Parents forced to pay even more for childcare, thanks to inflation

PHOENIX (3TV/CBS 5) – With inflation driving up prices everywhere, parents are being forced to pay even more for childcare.

Many companies and different types of work are dealing with staffing shortages, and some child care providers have increased their employees’ pay by 40 percent. Yet they struggle to hire staff.

Angela Kidane, chief executive of Kidzstuff Childcare, said that operating costs are very high. “We’re probably up between 30 and 35 percent,” Kidane said. “That cost will have to be passed on to our parents.”

Some families simply cannot afford the cost anymore, as the increase can mean thousands of dollars more each year. Experts believe these high costs may force some hopeful parents to reduce the number of children they have.

“I can’t imagine having the two of them in daycare,” said one parent. “There’s just no way.”

Without raising prices, childcare providers across the US will be forced to close their doors permanently.

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