Paris Fury in appeal to fans as she shares common parenting ‘struggle’

Paris Fury has confessed to struggling with something most parents can relate to – getting their child to eat their meals.

The Morecambe mum is no stranger to the daily struggles of parenthood, but has shown her fans that even after having six children, it still doesn’t get much easier. Paris and boxing legend Tyson Fury are parents to six children, their eldest Venezuela, 13, Prince John James, nine, Prince Tyson II, four, Valencia, three, and baby Athena who was born early in August.

Paris often shares many moments with her children on social media and recently posted a hilarious video of her trying to feed the youngest of her brood. One-year-old Athena sat in a high chair looking adorable in her Christmas onesie as her mum captured the moment she tried to get food into her.

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The video was posted on Paris’ Instagram Stories where the star’s one million followers watched as she struggled to get her baby’s attention. Holding a festive toy of a McDonald’s Happy Meal, Paris sat in front of Athena’s high chair, out of the camera’s direct view.

Captioning the post, Paris reached out to her followers asking for their tips with similar issues. She wrote: “Daily challenge to feed Athena when she doesn’t want it. What games/tricks do you know?”

Also dressed in a cozy onesie, Paris waved the stuffed elf toy in front of her toddler and asked her if she should feed him instead. The mother continued to pretend to feed the elf – ‘the little baby’ as Paris called her, cooed at her daughter to eat it instead.

Paris used a small toy to try to get her daughter's attention (Paris Fury/Instagram)
Paris used a small toy to try to get her daughter’s attention (Paris Fury/Instagram)

Paris said, “Athena, shall we feed the little one?” Athena sweetly whispered back, “Yes.”

The 31-year-old mum went on to tell her: “Come on, we’ll feed him, ready, here you go, here you go.” The mock interaction caught the attention of her daughter who watched the hilarious antics with a big smile on her face.

Athena smiled as her mother pretended to feed the elf (Paris Fury/ Instagram)
Athena smiled as her mother pretended to feed the elf (Paris Fury/ Instagram)

Paris then proceeded to say “no, it’s Athena’s dinner” which led to success despite some resistance from the one year old. Taking a second spoon, Paris chose to offer it directly to Athena, but was met with immediate rejection.

The mother went back to her newfound tactic of feeding “the little porridge” only this time, the results were not so successful. Again Paris said “here you go little man” which made her little girl laugh and smile again.

Paris' first attempt led to success (Paris Fury/Instagram)
Paris’ first attempt led to success (Paris Fury/Instagram)

However, when she went back to Athena and offered her the spoon instead, the toddler was quick to whip her head away, insisting she wasn’t going to give in this time. Paris hung up her gloves and yielded to the one-year-old as she stopped the video with the sound of the spoon slamming back into the bowl.

The success was short-lived (Paris Fury/Instagram)
The success was short-lived (Paris Fury/Instagram)

Paris and husband Tyson welcomed their daughter Athena into the world both weeks before the boxer’s final knockout fight at Wembley. The parents both recalled the terrifying moment they thought Athena wouldn’t make it out of the hospital alive as Paris struggled through a complicated delivery.

The 31-year-old said Athena became ‘completely unresponsive’ at one point earlier this year. Doctors rushed to try and slow down Athena’s incredibly fast heart rate, but Paris revealed that it caused “a bunch of other complications.”

Fortunately for the couple, Athena recovered quickly and was “completely bright and fine” when she came out of hospital. However, Paris understandably struggled to sleep for the first few weeks after they returned home, watching her daughter 24/7.

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