Pedro’s 2022 Photos After Dramatic Weight Loss

Family Chantel reality celeb Pedro Jimeno shows off his torn physique on Instagram, after an impressive weight loss makeover.

Pedro Jimeno van The Chantel family has completely changed his appearance since his debut, and his latest photos prove it. Most fans remember the 30-year-old cast for his memorable trip with his partner Chantel Jimeno. When the couple first dated 90 days engaged season 4, Pedro was not in the fitness lifestyle.

However, the young reality star has stunned his fans over the last few years by having an extraordinary weight loss journey. Aside from slimming, Pedro has gained a lot of confidence, as evidenced by his latest Instagram photos. Since his initial TV appearance, Pedro has put in a lot of work at the gym. Previously, he shared that he had lost more than 50 pounds of body weight, which is clear to see if you look at his new torn physique.


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In the last few months, The Chantel family star shared several weight loss selfies on his social media and showed off his gains. It seems that Pedro was constantly making progress and inspired the fans to do the same. Some of Pedro’s motivational fitness photos from the first half of 2022 are impressive.

Pedro’s muscular abs

Recently, Pedro posted a gym selfie to show off his pumped chest, skinny stomach and abdominal muscles. This Instagram post looks like mid-workout snapshots as the reality star wears his pick-up gloves while looking hot and sweaty. He signed his post, “Determining the ability to keep going no matter how hard it gets,” and told the fans to have a great week. The motivational post definitely got a lot of support 90 days engaged fans, who told him to work hard at everything he does.

Colored belly and strong shoulders

Chantel’s husband, Pedro, recently showed off his slender physique in a yellow Hawaiian shirt. He looked incredibly healthy in the photo and captioned it “Sun beach and sand,” what does it mean “Sun, beach and sand.” Pedro wears a gold necklace in the photo and is apparently visiting some hotel or resort. Although the former 90 days engaged star has a shirt in the photo, fans can see that he has lost a significant amount of weight in the past year.

Chiseled jaw

Earlier this year, Pedro shared an attractive portrait of himself with a gray hoodie. After losing massive weight, he looked like a model in the photo. He was sitting in the back seat of a car wearing black Ray-Ban sunglasses. Pedro showed off his defined jaw and high cheekbones and looked very confident in the photo, which is something most fans adored. One fan told him he looked like fire in the photo, while another called him extremely attractive. The Chantel family viewers see Pedro redefine his style after his dramatic weight loss transformation.

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