Piramal Pharma’s ‘Are you trying on your best days?’ campaign aims to create awareness about fertile days & ovulation

Piramal Pharma’s Consumer Products Division has the ‘Are you trying your best days?’ digital campaign for its ‘I-know’ product range to educate women about the concept of ovulation while planning for a child.

The brand has launched the high-decibel digital campaign that establishes a unique way to tell each woman’s journey to pregnancy and her “story of two lines” through testimonials that capture different perspectives and experiences.

Through this campaign, the goal is to create awareness about the fertile days and ovulation. The caption – ‘Are you trying on your best days?’ indicates the need to identify the four to five days in a woman’s monthly cycle when they are most likely to become pregnant.

The year-long campaign focuses on addressing the insight that most women or even couples do not think about ovulation or fertile days before deciding to start a family. It’s an always on digital campaign with multiple touch points like social media and influencer activations.

Nitish Bajaj, CEO, Piramal Consumer Products Division, said: “The need to understand the concept of ovulation for fertilization is underestimated. Through this campaign, our goal is to educate women who are about to start family planning and make this journey smooth for them. Our campaign will highlight the experiences of women and couples who are in the similar phase of their lives and highlight the need to identify these “best days to plan their baby”.

The ‘i-know’ brand aims to provide a comprehensive range of ‘at-home’ tests for all intimate needs, ranging from ovulation detection and pregnancy confirmation to menopause detection, as well as acute issues such as urinary tract infection and detection of vaginal infection.

i-know aims to become the one-stop solution for all women’s self-control needs when it comes to intimate issues or needs.


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