Population groups ignore plummeting fertility rates, want ‘fewer people’ in developing nations

On 11 July, World Population Day, the United Nations (UN) released its latest World Population Outlook reportwhich predicts a world population peak at 10.4 billion in the 2080s, which is slightly lower than its previous estimates. In response, the pro-abortionUK based group Population matters sent out a press release full of worrying rhetoric from activists around the world.

Robin Maynarddirector of Population Matters, downplayed the very real worries on declining fertility rates in dozens of countries, declare:

In high-income countries such as the UK, there will be serious mumbles of ‘sub-replacement’ fertility, population aging, dependency ratios and ‘pension crises’. These are sincere but exaggerated, ‘first world’ challenges that are predictable and adaptable.

Remarkably, Maynard mentions no way these “first-world challenges” – which experts – warn can cause stagnant income, inflation, labor shortages and a decline in wealth, culture and innovation – can be “adjusted for.”

Instead, Maynard’s press release focuses on third – world population growth – particularly in Africa and Asia – and its alleged link to the alleged climate crisis, citing abortion, contraception and climate activists.

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Dr Suchitra Dalvie with the Asia Safe Abortion Partnership assert, “We are looking at a future of water shortages [and] climate change[.]“Her solution? “We must … protect individual sexual and reproductive rights.” This, of course, is double talk for protecting abortion. Asia is home to numerous countries with birth rates below replacement levels.

Bernarda Jiminez van WINGS Guatemalaan organization that provides free contraceptives and sterilizations to people in that country (and whose plate of directors consists almost entirely of white people, at least two of whom have served on boards of Planned Parenthood affiliates), said this: “If there are fewer people, it gives the Earth a chance to revive. In the [Mayan] cosmovision, there is an integral respect for Mother Earth. ” Ancient Mayans also practiced it child sacrifice to appease their gods.

Poonam Muttreja, an Indian activist quoted in the release, notes that this region is not affected by rapid population growth. “[T]there is no population explosion here, ”says Muttreja. However, Muttreja continues to emphasize the alleged need for abortion and contraception in that country. Muttreja declares: “[O]your approach should be to protect the reproductive rights of women… Our focus should be on providing women from all communities with access to family planning services[.]”

The agenda is clear: Population alarmists seem to covet a world with fewer non-white people, all in the name of protecting the environment – though, as noted by other environmentalists groupsis it equivalent to victim-blaming, as this demographic tends to use less resources than those in the West. And Population Matters is even willing to promote groups that want to sterilize and abort non-white people to achieve this goal.

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