Princess Beatrice ‘more private about family’ than Eugenie – ‘different’ parenting styles

Princess Beatrice (33) and Edoardo Mapelli Mozzi (38) welcomed their first child together on September 18, 2021. Only one look at Sienna was seen by royal fans after Easter Sunday when the royal couple traveled home from Windsor Castle. Some shots of Edoardo carrying Sienna were seen as they climbed into their car. However, no official shots of Sienna have ever been seen, not even for her baptism in April. Why does Beatrice plan to keep her daughter private?

Angela Karanja, the founder of Raising Remarkable Teenagers, spoke exclusively to to explain.

She said: “I believe every mother has the right to choose whether their children’s affairs should be private or public.

“As long as they are at peace with it, it is right. If Beatrice feels this is the best way to protect her daughter, she should be allowed the freedom to do just that. Most importantly, she is happy and at peace with that choice.

“When parents, especially mothers, are satisfied and confident in their choices, they are more likely to thrive, and a thriving mom (psychologically thriving) often translates to a thriving child.”

Beatrice has a stepson by her husband, Edoardo, named Christopher and the nickname Wolfie, six. Wolfie was spotted with his father and Beatrice at the spectacle during the Platinum Jubilee.

By integrating Wolfie into royal events, is that a good sign of Beatrice’s relationship with the young child?

Angela continued, ‘I think it’s a brilliant thing for Beatrice to do. There is nothing so reassuring to any child as knowing they are wanted, and they belong. All children want is to be seen and appreciated. This is how a healthy and strong self-image is developed.

“This is the case, whether they are born children, adopted, foster children, stepchildren or even foster children, that is, live with grandparents, uncles and aunts. Even at school with teachers and other institutions where children are for any time. ”


Will Beatrice be more similar to her own mother, Fergie, when it comes to parenting, or her sister Princess Eugenie?

Angela suggested: “Beatrice will be more like Eugenie, even though the sisters have their own different styles, even when it comes to parenting.

“Eugenie is the more public one with more public announcements, singing public praise to her husband, child and family and regularly sharing photos.

“Beatrice on the other hand makes statements with her appearance more than with her words and is more private about her family.

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“It does not mean one way is better than the other. As long as everyone excels in their space and choice, that’s what matters as people. We do not all have to be the same. It would be boring not to have this diversity, ”the expert remarked.

Angela elaborated on the statements Beatrice made that helped explain her parenting style.

She continued: “One recent public statement (not in words) that Beatrice made was with the much-publicized incident when her card was denied during the Glastonbury Festival.

“How she reacted was very remarkable and shows her ability not to be disturbed by issues, especially those over which she has no control.

“In a situation where many people would have hidden in embarrassment and shame, she just took it on her chin and went back to continue to enjoy the festival with her husband.

“Just there, Beatrice demonstrated that she has mental fluidity and flexibility, the resilience that is essential as a parent because children throw you crooked balls all the time.

“The more mentally flexible and fluent we are as parents, the less frustrated we are with our children and the more connection we can have with them.

“Connection is one of the biggest foundations for healthy child development. I think Sienna and Wolfie are happy to have Beatrice as their parent. ”

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