Professor claims link between reduced rate of fertility, flights

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Professor claims link between reduced fertility rate, flights

The more female pilots and hostesses fly, the more the level of their fertility decreases, a Turkish professor claimed, citing the study he conducted with 134 women.

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Ercan Baştu said he did research with about 66 female pilots and compared about 68 women from different professions and the subjects’ ovarian qualities and quantities.

According to Baştu, ultraviolet radiation and the side effects, such as jet lag due to long hours of flights, reduce the number of eggs in ovaries and fertility.

The scientific journal Gynecological Endocrinology published Baştu’s research on 17 June.

“It has been known for years that exposure to high-energy rays has a negative effect on the human body and the reproductive organs. However, all these were laboratory tests, “Baştu wrote. “We have been monitoring female pilots and flight attendants who have been exposed to ultraviolet radiation for a long time.”

Another allegation the professor made was that “the number of eggs in ovaries decreases as the age of female pilots increases.”

When asked what he would suggest for those who want to get pregnant, he replied: “This research does not directly monitor conceptions. However, as those who will spend more time on flights and consider having babies, they need to take precautions early in life. ”

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