Royal Expert Explains Why Catherine’s Parenting Style Resembles Princess Diana’s

Catherine Middleton may be taking a page from her mother-in-law’s book, consciously or otherwise, as royal etiquette expert Myka Meier should be believed. As she explained to Us Weekly, “I think what [Kate] probably learned in a sense how to keep her calm. For example, Princess Diana, there [was] so much tension and so much pressure all the time. And I think we see the Duchess of Cambridge following the same path to keep her calm, even if it may be behind closed doors [she] does not feel that way. ”

The Duchess of Cambridge remains calm under pressure, never allowing herself to be stressed, even when the children are testing her patience – think, for example, of how she reacted to Prince Louis’ wild Jubilee behavior. According to Meier, this is something Diana was known for staying gracious in the face of trouble. “It has actually been said and known that the children do not undergo actual etiquette training. The Duchess of Cambridge is actually teaching them herself,” she added.

In addition, Catherine allows the children to find their own place in the royal family, rather than forcing them into a box. Meier’s comments are in line with what sources informed People about Catherine and her husband, Prince William’s parenting style. An insider confirmed that the couple strives to be present with their children, whether it is meals together or they will pick up at school. More generally, the source explained, “Kate likes to live a normal life.”

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