Work styles change. Every day. Sometimes they change radically from one year to the other. New concepts like the “virtual office”, “individual objectives” and “every employee is a small entrepreneur” make their way to the business environment. Companies change, and this generates a change in the way we work.

Attitude is as important as the person’s background expertise. Two employees that have similar jobs in the same company can have different attitudes towards their work. The one who is motivated is proactive, the other one just accumulates frustrations and he would watch the clock frequently when it comes close to 17:00. The first one will be surely successful, and no matter what his carrier decisions he will take he will surely be successful. the second one will stay where he is and in time he will give up on that company convinced that he is not he one responsible for his condition, that the system or the boss is.

Human resources specialists have spotted the apparition of some significant changes in the working environment and in the way companies and employees express their attitudes towards efficient work. fixing realistic and well though objectives by the employer and the way the employees carry them out are the measure for the efficiency of that particular company.

The companies are more and more into showing their employees what responsibility really is and giving them the flexibility of decisions. in many companies employees settle their own objectives and they find the time, the energy the motivation and the practical means to achieve them.

Written or not, objectives evolve along with the strategy and the politics of each company. Also, the daily action feed-back, going out with the team, meetings with team-building purposes, plans of individual development, promotion perspectives, bonuses packages are just a couple of examples to bring value and fidelity in order to maintain the employees’ motivation and their efforts. Modern companies ask very much of their employees but they know how to repay their efforts and how to keep them motivated.

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