Shruti Hassan battles PCOS, and endometriosis; shuts down rumors of hospitalisation


Actor Shruti Hassan refutes rumors claiming she was hospitalized for PCOS

New Delhi: Shruti Hassan, known for her acting and singing skills, has always been open about her battle with PCOS (polycystic ovary syndrome) and endometriosis. She continues to post her workout videos in which she talks about her “fight with the imbalance and constant bloating” and how she handles the condition. So, when media reports came about her alleged hospitalization, Shruti vehemently refuted it.

Shruti spoke through several stories on Instagram and clarified the issue, saying that the reports were false and that it was “only going well”.

“Yes, it is challenging, but no, it does not mean I am ill or in a critical condition of any kind. “And I realized that some media outlets have blown it out of proportion without reading the actual post, which is supposed to be positive,” Shruti said.

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She further added that she received calls asking if she had been admitted to hospital, which was “clearly not” and was going well.

Apart from Shruti, the actors Sara Ali Khan and Sonam Kapoor were also very outspoken about their struggle with PCOS caused by higher-than-normal levels of certain hormones called androgens.

PCOS is a condition that affects young women of childbearing age around the world and if not treated in time, it can also put a woman at risk for other underlying ailments. There are many myths associated with the disease, let us deny it:

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  1. Any cyst in the ovary is PCOS: Polycystic appearance of ovaries can be a sign of PCOS, but this is not always the case. Since there are several types of cysts in the ovaries, many women have cysts but they do not have PCOS. Not all cysts are problematic.
  2. PCOS causes weight gain: Women with PCOS are more likely to gain weight, but there is currently no rule. Weight management can be achieved through balanced diet and regular exercise.
  3. PCOS causes infertility: PCOS does affect ovulation every month, but there is no such definite belief that it causes infertility. You can always consult a gynecologist to increase your chances of getting pregnant.
  4. PCOS causes irregular periods: There are many factors, both internal and environmental, that can cause irregular periods. Consult your doctor if your menstrual cycle is disturbed.

Disclaimer: Tips and suggestions mentioned in the article are for general information purposes only and should not be construed as professional medical advice. Always consult your doctor or dietitian before starting any fitness program or making any changes to your diet.

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