The Highest Savings Account Rates Today: July 11, 2022

Savings interest rates continued to rise throughout 2022. If you are looking for a place to keep your money, a high-yield savings account may be a good choice.

Our best savings account guide and best high-yield savings account guide can be good starting points in your research. But if you prioritize it to find the highest rates above all else, it may have some strong contenders for you.

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What are the interest rates for savings accounts today?

The FDIC monitors national rates for interest-earning bank accounts. The average interest rate currently earned through a savings account is 0.08% APY.

We have reviewed more than a dozen financial institutions to keep up with their new tariff offerings. Our list includes accounts with much higher interest rates than the national average, as online institutions tend to offer high-yield bank accounts.

The most competitive

high-yield savings accounts

now pay 1.40% APY or more. Keep in mind that interest-bearing accounts can change. Savings accounts have a variable interest rate, which means that the rate can fluctuate at any time.


Federal Reserve

also recently raised the federal fund rate for the third time this year, so savings rates are also expected to rise gradually through 2022.

Best Savings Account Interest Rates

Annual Percentage Return (APY)

1.80% APY

Minimum deposit amount

$ 25

Annual Percentage Return (APY)

1.80% APY

Minimum deposit amount

$ 25


  • $ 25 minimum opening deposit
  • No monthly service fees


  • Must have at least $ 25 in your account daily to earn interest

More information

  • Must have at least $ 25 in your account daily to earn interest
  • Interest compounded daily and deposited monthly
  • FDIC insured

The BrioDirect High Yield Savings Account offers the highest interest rate on our list and can be ideal if you can keep at least $ 25 in your account daily.

The Bread Savings High Yield Savings Account is another amazing high yield savings account. This can be a great choice if you have at least $ 100 to get started.

If you have not heard of Bread Savings, you may be familiar with Comenity Direct. Comenity Direct was recently renamed because its parent company, Bread Financial, has expanded to include loan options.

The Bask Bank Interest Savings Account is also a strong high-yield savings account. It does not require a minimum opening deposit and now pays 1.61% APY.

If you are looking for a high-yield savings account with a low minimum opening deposit, you may want to consider exploring UFB High Yield Savings or the Synchrony High Yield Savings Account. This savings account pays a high interest rate, and you can open an account. with $ 0.

These settings only have savings accounts, not

check accounts

, so you’ll need to link an external bank account to access your money. You may want to consider other banking options if you also want to open a checking account or at least have a debit card option.

For example, LendingClub offers checking accounts, savings accounts and CDs. You may like the LendingClub High Yield Savings Account if you have at least $ 100 for a minimum opening deposit.

If you are comfortable combining your check and savings into one account, you may want to consider opening up SoFi Checking and Saving. The hybrid bank account comes with a debit card and you will be able to earn 1.50% APY if you set up a direct deposit.

Quontic Bank also has a variety of online bank accounts. You may like the Quontic High Yield Savings Account if you have at least $ 100 for an initial deposit.

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