This Man Wakes His Girlfriend Up Every Morning With A Fresh Coconut Before He Checks If She’s Ovulating

If there’s one thing Love Island has taught us, it’s the importance of having a man bring you a refreshment in the morning. Curtis Pritchard wanted to be the knight in shiny armor who gave everyone their caffeine solution, and this series, Ekin-Su was reduced to tears after Davide failed to make her an oatmeal latte.

But despite small morning gestures that mean the world of difference for many relationships, the internet was left terrified by one couple’s morning ritual that went viral on TikTok this week.

The user @innercartographie posted a video of her boyfriend and shared: ‘He just woke me up with a fresh coconut, took my basal body temperature for my natural cycle chart and is feeding my jackfruit in bed. [He] has a French accent. My inner 13-year-old fangirl has no idea how to handle it. ‘

Here’s a lot to unpack. First things first, a coconut (however refreshing) is not caffeine. And for most of us, without our morning hit, there will be hell to pay. Second, a basic body temperature test ?! It’s essentially predicting when you’re going to ovulate – something a bit intense for a guy you met last week (yes, you read that right) to do.

Let’s then go to the jackfruit. Specifically, jackfruit in bed. The sticky skin, the sticky juice that covers the inside … Please, someone is thinking of the sheets.

“I’m sorry, but it sounds like hell on earth,” one Twitter user wrote. “He makes sure you’re healthy so he can harvest your organs,” joked another one. “If he did not analyze her cervical mucus as well, it is not true love,” a third added while someone else concluded, “I will take the French accent and leave the rest.”

In response to the internet’s response, @innercartographie clarified in a subsequent video: ‘I want to be a doula … so this is nothing for me. For other people it may be a lot, but for me I have to go deep right away, because I can not answer the question “what are you doing” without talking about bodies. ‘

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