Tiffany Flaunts Skinny Figure Post Dramatic Weight Loss

After losing about 80 pounds, 90 Day Fiancé franchise star Tiffany Franco shows off her transformed physique in a new Instagram video.

Tiffany Franco stunned 90 days engaged fans by pointing to her slimmer figure after a massive weight loss. Fans may remember the Maryland native from her appearance 90 Days Engaged: The Other Way with her South African husband Ronald Smith. The couple had several major problems in their relationship, but they still untied the knot in October 2018. Nine months later, Ronald and Tiffany were blessed with a daughter, Carley. Shortly after Carley’s birth, the couple began to have marital problems. Tiffany claimed Ronald was not helping her financially and was an irresponsible father.

Ronald also claimed that his wife never applied for his marriage visa to ensure he could not come to the United States. After several messy fights with Tiffany on social media, the South African native introduced his new girlfriend in November 2021 and announced that he had applied for divorce from his American wife. Although Tiffany was hurt to see her husband move on, she also started focusing on her fitness and underwent gastric bypass surgery to lose weight. Tiffany tells 90 days engaged viewers that she did not want to be skinny, but just the best version of herself.


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The 90 days engaged franchise star Tiffany opted for weight loss surgery in June 2021, and in the last year she has shown dramatic weight loss. She recently showed off her newly transformed figure in a video on Instagram. In the short cut, she wore a black tank and matching pants and completed her glamorous look with minimal makeup. Fans who watched Tiffany on the show noticed that her waist and abdominal area now look much slimmer than before. Her jawline looks more defined, and her arms also look smaller. The 30-year-old reality star Tiffany looked dead clean as she rocked her wavy curls.

90 days engaged viewers are amazed to see how quickly Tiffany reached her new figure after weight loss surgery. An Instagram user commented, “Look at that huge waist. Just as beautiful, but you glow!” Another user has entered, “You so tinyyyyy … Sooooo cute your best version of you !!!” Someone else wrote, “You used to look very good, but now … damn it.” A couple 90 days engaged fans also loved Tiffany’s minimal makeup and how she styled her hair in wavy curls.

Tiffany looks like a different person after losing 80 pounds in a year. She looks happy with her weight loss progress. However, she has not yet reached her desired weight. Earlier, Tiffany stated that she aims to lose about 100 pounds after the surgery, which means she wants to lose another 20. Although the mother of Daniel and Carley has always looked breathtaking and graceful on screen, fans feel that she now looks more confident than before. 90 days engaged viewers hope Tiffany takes care of her health and body while undergoing rapid weight loss.

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Source: Tiffany Franco / Instagram

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