What are Canada’s most popular baby names in 2022?

If you’re expecting a baby and still trying to pick a name, these new top 100 lists might help you find one.

BabyCenter, an online parenting website, recently published its annual analysis of popular names for newborn babies in Canada.

According to BabyCenter’s top 100 lists, Noah, which has Hebrew origins and means “comfort” and “rest,” was the most popular boy’s name this year.

Liam and Jackson switched places this year. Liam came in at number 2, recovering last year’s loss while Jackson dropped to third.

Lucas, which was the fourth most popular name in Canada last year, dropped two places to sixth in 2022. Benjamin dropped three places, moving from seventh to tenth.

Luca jumped nine places to seventh and James gained eight places to ninth position. Both names are new to the top 10 boys’ names for this year.

Samuel climbed the highest, moving up 45 places to position 34. Parker also had a remarkable jump – up 33 places to position 52 – and Weston gained 27 places to position 63.

According to BabyCenter, Zayn, who lost 78 spots, and Nicholas, who dropped 56 spots, dropped the most in 2022, placing them in 97th and 98th places on the list.

The full list of 100 most popular boy names is available on BabyCenter’s website.

When it comes to girls’ names, Olivia has conquered the list and ranked as the most popular name in Canada. Olivia is taken from the Latin word “olivam”, meaning “olive tree”.

Compared to last year, the names have replaced their places in the new list. For example, Amelia, who was at the top last year, dropped to third place and let Olivia win the place for 2022. But Sophia saved the second place since 2021.

Emma, ​​​​Lily and Charlotte are among last year’s top 10 names that remained popular and took fourth, sixth and seventh places respectively in the new list.

Completing the top 10 baby girl names in 2022, Ava climbed eight places to fifth, Hannah moved from 12th to eight, Nora jumped from 15th to ninth and Isabella moved from 17th to 10th.

Aurora with 33 numbers climbing to 21 and Eva with 30 moving up were the most popular names that rose the most. But 35 names, including Eleanor, Eliana, Grace and Hailey, fell in popularity this year.

The full list of 100 most popular girls’ names is available on BabyCenter’s website.


According to BabyCenter, Luca, and his almost-twin Lucas, were voted the most popular boy names in the world. The names are among the top 10 most popular names in the UK, USA, Australia and Canada.

Although Noah is the most popular baby boy name in Canada, Elijah and Levi are among the top names in Australia and in the US

Olivia, Amelia and Sophia are the most popular baby girl names around the world, according to the BabyCenter analysis.

Helena is first in Brazil and Inaya is a popular name in India.

One of the themes that emerged in this year’s list is names with meanings related to light, sunshine or brightness. Regarding this theme, Kiara and Jiya are in the top 10 popular names in India, Ravi is a good example in Brazil and Nora is popular in Canada.

While some names have made multiple lists around the world, some have only been held in specific countries, such as Hannah, who is only in the top 10 only in Canada. Zoe only appears in the top 10 in Australia and George is only top 10 in the UK.

The complete list of 10 most popular baby names around the world is available on BabyCenter’s website.

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