What’s the secret to successful co-parenting? The parents of ABC Kids share their wisdom

Raising growing people is no easy task, and it can become more challenging when adapting a family unit to separation.

We asked the ABC Kids Community what their advice would be for anyone new to co-parenting, and they generously shared a wide variety of answers – from the practical to the in-depth, to tips on some classic parenting traps to avoid.

Embrace learning moments

You teach your child about all their future relationships.

[Relationships] do not have to work out – love changes and people change – but you can still be kind, considerate and respectful.

– Jayne

2. There does not have to be a bad guy

Remember the kids come first and they love you both.

People have different parenting styles and both have positive benefits. Children love both parents and need all the love they can get.

– Martha

3. Find co-parenting heroes

It can be done. And it can be done well. Look for good examples to model from.

– Mitch

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