WhatsApp: Now you can keep a track of your menstrual cycle on WhatsApp. Here’s how to activate it

WhatsApp is constantly working on a new feature to update its platform as competition in the market increases. It looks like the application owned by Meta wants to expand its reach beyond instant messaging technology and do more.

According to reports, WhatsApp will now allow users to track their menstrual cycle. The messaging platform has partnered with Sirona, a female hygiene company to create India’s first period tracker feature for an instant messaging app.

This tool can be used for three purposes – tracking periods, ovulation and taking precautions to avoid unwanted pregnancies, Sirona said in a press release.

How does it work?
To use the feature and keep an eye on your periods, send a “Hi” to Sirona’s WhatsApp Business Account at 9718866644.

Users will then be required to enter their menstrual details, such as the last date of their menstruation and other details. The chat box will then keep a record of your menstrual cycle and send you a reminder of upcoming cycle dates according to your set goals.


The feature is built on the WhatsApp Business Platform and runs on an intuitive chatbot interface that maintains a smooth flow of communication with the user.

How to activate it:
Send a “Hello” to 9718866644 on WhatsApp

Select an option from the list sent by Sirona in the chat

To track your periods, type “period tracker” in the chat and send send

Enter your period details

Now the application will start providing you details about ovulation, fertile window, next period date and more.

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