Why Fans Don’t Believe Some 90 Day Fiancé Weight Loss Stories

While 90 Day Fiancé franchise stars announce their weight-loss evolutions, some viewers struggle to connect the dots in the celebs’ stories.

Various 90 days engaged stars have unveiled their weight-loss transformations over the past few months, but many viewers struggle to believe some of the cast’s methods. A lot 90 days engaged role players turned their energy inward and focused on acquiring their dream body. While some role players admit to having surgery, diet, exercise or slimming tea, others are a little more tight-lipped about their weight loss journeys.

Angela Deem is a controversial co-star who has lost more than 100 pounds in the past year. However, she was outspoken about her process with surgeries for her drastic weight loss and appearance changes. Tiffany Franco is another co-star who has lost more than 80 pounds in the past year. Her success can also be attributed to weight loss surgery.


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Jorge Nava also lost a significant amount of weight. Although weight loss surgery in prison is unlikely, the dramatic change has still left fans wondering how 90 days engaged Jorge lost weight so fast. However, there are a few co-stars who have lost significant weight in a short period of time, but their claims of diet and exercise do not seem to be true, leading fans to theorize that more extreme methods may have taken place off-screen.

David Toborowsky

David Toborowsky Weight Loss Annie Before Instagram In 90 Day Fiance

David Toborowsky blew viewers away with his new, sleek physique. Compared to the shocking before and after photos, it is clear that he lost most of the weight quickly, but he has his weight loss journey as a “slow process.” The significant difference in weight has upset many franchise fans, but they are also curious to learn more. David is known for his love of food, and with many franchise stars turning to gastric surgery or liposuction, it’s hard not to make assumptions.

Molly Hopkins

Molly Hopkins Weight Loss-90 Days Engaged

Molly Hopkins is another star who has indulged in a weight loss journey that makes viewers question her methods. 90 days engaged Molly began her transformation in 2021, but the drastic results in a short time frame made some fans uneasy. Since starting her journey, she has lost more than 40 pounds and attributed her success to weight loss products she promotes on Instagram. Not only do many fans believe that products are the reason for her impressive weight loss, they believe Molly may have given up other methods as well.

Natalie Mordovtseva

Shared picture showing Natalie alone and with Mike in 90 Day Fiancé.

Natalie Mordovtseva has experienced a lot of scrutiny by viewers due to her Photoshop failures. In June 2021, she unveiled a new coaching program and joined an intermittent fasting Facebook group. She attributed her weight loss success to the new program and the keto diet. Earlier that year, however, Natalie admitted that she had been given liposuction and recommended cryotherapy to her fans. 90 days engaged Natalie had a hard time acknowledging her sincere methods and allegedly changed her photos, leading fans to theorize that it is not as simple as dieting and exercising as she claimed.

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In the end, it’s important to be healthy and happy. Although viewers often explore the techniques some 90 days engaged stars choose, it’s because they also want to make sure the cast is safe in their weight loss adventures. Losing a lot of weight in a short period of time is not as healthy as one would hope. Regardless of their approaches, fans wish the best for this 90 days engaged co-stars on their journeys to a healthier body.

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Tiffany Franco - slimmer figure-weight-loss surgery - 90 days engaged

90 days fiancé’s Tiffany looks slimmer than ever when posing for selfie

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