Why Some Doctors Warn Against The Lectin-Free Diet

If you want to lose weight, fad diets promise to give you what you want quickly and easily. But like Dr. Stacey Rosenfeld, founder of Gatewell Therapy Center, explained to us that not only can any food restrictions be harmful, but “fad diets can be particularly detrimental, as they are often more restrictive and more marketable than the …. diets that we typically encounter. ” She added that although you may see temporary results, these diets are more likely to leave you with eating problems than a healthy body. The only proven method to lose weight, studies show, is to burn more calories than you eat per day.

If your body cannot process lectins, it makes sense to cut them out of your diet. But for those without a lectin sensitivity, research shows that eating lectins potentially gets in the way of your body’s ability to properly absorb nutrients – many of which are found in foods containing lectin, according to Healthline. Cara Rosenbloom, a registered dietitian, explained to The Washington Post that you get rid of up to 95% of lectins just by cooking them, which makes it completely safe to eat. While we may all be snacking on a piece of uncooked spaghetti, you probably would not make a meal of uncooked rice or beans.

With the lectin-free diet, you unnecessarily cut out a food group, such as gluten, which can be not only detrimental to your physical health but also mental health.

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