Will Supreme Court abortion ruling affect fertility treatments in Texas?

SAINT ANTONY – – Days after the U.S. Supreme Court Roe v. Wade overthrew, health care professionals handed over their state laws and determined which parts of their practices were affected.

Fertility specialists across the country are now discussing the future of their own treatment.

Thirty days after the SCOTUS ruling, a state of Texas emergency law will come into force that bans all abortions, except in rare cases, to save the life of a pregnant patient.

“Texas law specifically speaks of a pregnant individual, so we understand that it should not directly affect fertility care. For couples who want to build their family, it will be the opposite of what they are talking about,” says the famous infertility specialist Dr. Randall Robinson, who chairs the Obstetrics and Gynecology departments at UT Health San Antonio and University Health System.

Dr. Robinson has spent the past few days listening intently to colleagues nationwide discussing what would happen if this ruling would spur other laws that define life as beginning at conception.


“There is nothing about personality and when life starts, which can have an impact on our ability to practice if there are laws or legislation that eventually change. “From now on, it should really only be elective abortions,” he said.

The general concern among fertility specialists is about the ability to offer services such as embryo freezing and in vitro fertilization.

“I’m personally concerned – that if additional legislation were approved, it would make it much harder to provide that family building we want to provide for our patients,” Robinson said.

However, Robinson and his colleagues continue as usual without the current laws mentioning embryo status or so-called personality definitions.

“We do not do elective abortions at the University Health System or UT Health, so it will not have an impact on the care we currently provide, but of course, if there are changes to the laws and legislation, it can definitely have an impact. have on what we can do, ”he said.



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