Winter’s Best Gym Looks After Dramatic Weight Loss

Winter Everett of The Family Chantel exercises at the gym to achieve her desired figure while wearing stylish casual outfits.

Increasingly popular The Chantel family star Winter Everett has been working on her weight loss transformation and boasting about her athletic makeovers on social media. Viewers first saw Chantel Jimeno’s younger brother or sister 90 days engaged season 4, where she appeared with her sister and brother-in-law, Pedro Jimeno. Winter has always been different from Chantel in terms of personality and appearance.

However, after her breakup with her long-term boyfriend, Jah, the Atlanta beauty completely changed her style. Over the past few months, the popular reality star has been on a fitness journey and has lost a lot of weight. Winter began posting about her newfound love of fitness in the summer of 2021 and received much praise from her fans. People loved it The Chantel family star spread a body positivity message as she radiated confidence in her stylish clothes.


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A few months ago, Winter proudly shared a photo in a bikini showing off her curved figure and 50-pound weight loss. As time went on, the popular cast shared more breathtaking looks on her Instagram while keeping abreast of her ongoing fitness journey. Fans are responding positively to her posts.

Elegant floral outfit

Winter Everett at the gym

One of Winter’s best gym looks comes from August 2021, when she shared a mid-workout selfie from her fitness center. The young reality star wrote, “My body is #bodygoals“” while showing off her beautiful floral outfit. Fans loved Winter’s confident look on Instagram and praised her fitness transformation. An Instagram user commented: “Winter, you look fantastic! I love that outfit too!”

Winter’s monotonous appearance

Winter's monotonous appearance

In September 2021, Winter shared a photo in her skinny gym outfit. The Chantel family star wrote, “Out here in the sun that looks and feels like a hottie“while posing in her orange sports bra and brown yoga pants. The 28-year-old reality star untied her curly locks and smiled sweetly at the camera. The Instagram post also showed how far the Atlanta beauty has come in gaining weight. losing, inspiring many fans.One fan commented, “I’m so happy for you !! You go girl !!!!!!!! Girl power. You helped motivate me.”

Simple but stylish

A few months ago, Winter posted a video on Instagram while working on her glutes. She showed off her Buffbunny Collection outfit, which included a white skinny sports shirt and blue spandex leggings. She completed her sporty gym look with braided dreadlocks. Winter looked extremely fit in the video and did her exercise routine easily. Fans again felt motivated by Winter’s hard work and shared comments such as, “You look so happy and healthy and that combined with your beauty you are hissing!” and “You inspire me! Keep it up!” The Chantel family Winter may not be a fashion influencer, but her sporty yet comfortable gym look can earn her a lucrative promotional deal with a major brand.

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